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  • Dwyer Instruments Inc.
    Dwyer Instruments Inc.

    Temperature Temperature - Controllers, Data Loggers, Indicators, Monitors, Sensors, Switches, Thermometers, and Transmitters for Temperature; and Process Controllers.
    Flow Flow - Controllers, Fittings, Indicators, Monitors, Orifice Plates, Sensors, Switches, Totalizers, Transmitters, Water Meters, and Accessories for Flow
    Pressure Pressure - Controllers, Data Loggers, Gages, Manometers, Monitors, Remote Displays, Switches, Transmitters, and Accessories for Pressure

  • Finder Relays
    Finder Relays
    Manufacturing Relays & Timers for over 60 years

    39 Series  Modular Interface with Push-i... 39 Series Modular Interface with Push-in Technology - MasterIN System Relay interface Modules:   Output fuse module with LED status indicator   Push-in Connections   Terminal Doubler   MasterADAPTER
    19.21 Override Control Module 19.21 Override Control Module - FEATURES This Override Control Module allows users to manually control critical connected equipment (pumps, blowers, motors, irrigation valves, etc.) when a controller fails - to avoid system damage or downtime. • Space saving: 11.2 mm wide • 24 V AC/DC supply voltage • 35 mm rail (EN...
    Product Profile Product Profile - Quick overview of Finder Relays product
    77 Series Solid State Relays 77 Series Solid State Relays - 77 Series - Solid State Relays - SSR The 77 Series is particularly suitable for resistive loads and for industrial applications where a high switching rate and high inrush currents can be problematic. This Series offers 15 - 25 - 30 - 40 and 50 Amps for your AC “Zero crossing” or “...
    7F Series 7F Series - 7F Series - Filter Fans for control panels and enclosures Air Flow Volume (24...500) m3/h (14.1...294.3) CFM Finder has expanded its range of products for temperature control by adding the 7F Series. This full line-up of filter fans and exhaust filters ensure adequate ventilation in control panels a...
    7T Series 7T Series - 7T Series - Panel Thermostat Maintaining constant temperatures in control panels and enclosures, the 7T panel thermostat suits the needs of both simple and sophisticated heating and ventilation systems with dedicated heating and ventilation versions. Helping to improve component reliability and pres...
    UL 72 Series Liquid Level Relays UL 72 Series Liquid Level Relays - 72 Series Liquid Level Relays Level Control Relays for Conductive Liquids Monitoring Relays for a variety of applications including water / waste water, pools & fountains as well as the food & beverage industry. 72 SERIES – LIQUID LEVEL CONTROL RELAY 72.01 - Adjustable sensitivity 72.1...
    UL 39 Series Interface Relay Module UL 39 Series Interface Relay Module - UL Listed - 39 Series MasterINTERFACE – 6.2mm Interface Modules The 39 Series MasterINTERFACE module is a new concept in interface relays from Finder. Ultraslim (only 6.2 mm) available in 5 different models; both EMR and SSR versions; suitable for interfacing with PLC-controlled automated syst...

  • United Blower
    United Blower

    Quiet Pulse Packages Quiet Pulse Packages - Our signature series tri-lobe blowers featuring pulsation control. These are “European” style packages, with the blower system mounted inside a close fitting enclosure. The Quiet Pulse packages have a common base/discharge silencer and have the motor mounted to a spring supported tension...

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