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    Filters and Fabricated Parts

    MINIMESH® Filter mesh MINIMESH® Filter mesh - The MINIMESH® RPD HIFLO-S weaving technology developed by Haver & Boecker makes industrial filtration processes faster, more reliable and more efficient.
    Plastic injection moulded parts Plastic injection moulded parts - Wire mesh of various designs combined with injection-moulding for edge protection, sealing, joining, Support or assembly elements, or for forming shapes.
    Coned and tapered parts Coned and tapered parts - Single or multiple layers, pleated or smooth surface. Components of this type can be produced as single parts or from partial segments, and if necessary, with supports and edge bordering.
    Cylinders and filter cartridges Cylinders and filter cartridges - Single or multiple layers, smooth or pleated mesh in cylindrical form joined together by spot or rolled joint welding. Support cores and connections as required. By selecting the weave and the materials of the wires and the filter components, the mechanical, chemical and physical properties, such as...
    Deep-drawn products Deep-drawn products - Single or multi-layered mesh is manually or automatically formed into a three-dimensional shape. The domed shape gives a larger filter area compared to flat disks.
    Individual Process Filters Individual Process Filters - Haver & Boecker manufactures metal wire mesh for various different areas of use and brings it individually into a form as a filter mesh for filtration of water as well as other applications. The result is fresh water which is clean, clear and gushes quietly out of the water tap or treated drinki...

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