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    Claro Environmental Technologies & Equipment Inc.

    Solids/Sludge Handling Solids/Sludge Handling - Complete turn-key solids/sludge handling solutions for a wide variety of municipal and industrial clients. With 25+ years experience, our senior designers have implemented dozens of systems.
    Heat Exchangers & Energy Recovery Heat Exchangers & Energy Recovery - Claro heat exchangers are effective for sludge heating, heat and energy recovery from outgoing digester sludge, and the heating/cooling of various process liquids. 35+ years experience.
    Anaerobic Digestion Anaerobic Digestion - Complete anaerobic digestion systems for municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications informed by 35+ years applications experience and technological innovation.
    Screening & Grit Removal Screening & Grit Removal - Complete screening and grit removal systems for municipal and industrial applications. Claro offers standard and custom designs backed by 25+ years experience.
    Claro Anaerobic Digestion Systems & Slud... Claro Anaerobic Digestion Systems & Sludge Heat Exchangers - Claro provides complete anaerobic digestion systems for municipal applications informed by 35+ years applications experience & technological innovation. Claro Big Bubble Gun Mixer systems are a proven anaerobic digester mixing technology that significantly reduces sludge disposal volumes & d...

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