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  • Claro Environmental Technologies & Equip...
    Claro Environmental Technologies & Equipment Inc.

    Solids/Sludge Handling Solids/Sludge Handling - Complete turn-key solids/sludge handling solutions for a wide variety of municipal and industrial clients. With 25+ years experience, our senior designers have implemented dozens of systems.
    Heat Exchangers & Energy Recovery Heat Exchangers & Energy Recovery - Claro heat exchangers are effective for sludge heating, heat and energy recovery from outgoing digester sludge, and the heating/cooling of various process liquids. 35+ years experience.
    Anaerobic Digestion Anaerobic Digestion - Complete anaerobic digestion systems for municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications informed by 35+ years applications experience and technological innovation.
    Screening & Grit Removal Screening & Grit Removal - Complete screening and grit removal systems for municipal and industrial applications. Claro offers standard and custom designs backed by 25+ years experience.
    Claro Anaerobic Digestion Systems & Slud... Claro Anaerobic Digestion Systems & Sludge Heat Exchangers - Claro provides complete anaerobic digestion systems for municipal applications informed by 35+ years applications experience & technological innovation. Claro Big Bubble Gun Mixer systems are a proven anaerobic digester mixing technology that significantly reduces sludge disposal volumes & d...

  • Lystek International
    Lystek International
    Nothing Wasted. Everything to Gain.

    LysteGro® Biofertilizer LysteGro® Biofertilizer - As chemical fertilizer prices steadily increase and alternative sources of valuable organic matter become harder and harder to source, LysteGro biofertilizer provides an economical, sustainable and highly effective alternative to traditional fertilization. Leveraging its patented and proven technolo...
    LysteMize® Wastewater Treatment Plant O... LysteMize® Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimization - The cost of biosolids and organics management is the largest single operating cost for most wastewater treatment plants. Therefore, in addition to the creation of a saleable, Class A quality, federally registered fertilizer product, the multi-beneficial Lystek system can also be utilized to optimize...
    LysteCarb® LysteCarb® - LysteCarb® offers enhanced BNR system operations with a safer, more cost effective source of readily available carbon for enhanced biological denitrification and Phosphorus Removal.

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