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  • BioAir Solutions, LLC
    BioAir Solutions, LLC

    EcoCarb® Carbon Filter EcoCarb® Carbon Filter - EcoCarb® from BioAir Solutions is an economical odor control solution utilizing readily available activated carbon. It is designed to meet low-level odor treatment needs, is especially well suited to treat volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is effective in removing trace amounts of inorganic...
    EcoPure® Dual-Tech Filter EcoPure® Dual-Tech Filter - With EcoPure® from BioAir, odor complaints are a thing of the past - even for facilities in sensitive locations near housing developments or public facilities. EcoPure® delivers a double-barreled odor control solution: the unmatched performance of our proprietary biotrickling filtering syste...
    EcoFilter® Biotrickling Filter EcoFilter® Biotrickling Filter - EcoFilter® delivers unmatched odor control performance using a new generation of filtering and media technology for reliable and long-term removal of both inorganic and organic odors. EcoFilter® provides state-of-the-art performance with superior process control of the critical factors of mo...



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