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  • GES Biotek
    GES Biotek
    Microbiological Odor Control Solutions

    GES Nutrients GES Nutrients - GES 1578 Super Nutrients are formulated as a supplement to enhance the growth of acidithiobacillus thiooxidans and ferroxidans microorganisms in a biological scrubber ecosystem where the primary food source is H2S in the foul air stream.
    Crater-Max® Crater-Max® - Nature’s billion-year-old natural ecosystem for sulfur-oxidizing bacteria. Crater-Max® is specifically engineered and processed for chemical resistance, size, and optimum surface area for H2S removal.
    Fiber-Max™ Fiber-Max™ - Fiber-Max™ biofilter media is a proprietary blend of organic materials for the removal of complex odors and VOCs. This fibrous cellular substrate material is manufactured only from trees and large tree branches.
    Cell-Max™ Cell-Max™ - Cell-Max™ media is designed for the treatment of high levels of H2S in Bio-Scrubbers® (biotrickling filters). It is rigid and acid resistant, therefore eliminating compaction or degradation while consistently achieving specified H2S removal rates.
    Enhanced Cell-Max™ Enhanced Cell-Max™ - Enhanced Cell-Max™ provides all of the benefits of high-performance engineered biofilter media (smaller footprint, shorter residence time, longer media life), but at ¼ of the weight of comparable engineered media. This allows for significantly lower project costs.

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