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  • Crispin Valve
    Crispin Valve

    K-FLO BUTTERFLY VALVES K-FLO BUTTERFLY VALVES - The K-FLO valve line, which features 3 designs and ranges in size from 3” up to 168”, is fully compliant with AWWA C504 standards. K-Flo valves have more than 50 years of service in the industry.
    Air and Vacuum Sewer Valve Air and Vacuum Sewer Valve - Crispin Air & Vacuum Sewer Valves have a long body with a float near the bottom. The waste-containing solid remains low and away from working parts, venting the pipe line when filling, and permitting air to re-enter to relieve the vacuum.
    THE X SERIES VALVE THE X SERIES VALVE - Available in Air & Vacuum, Pressure Air Release and Combination assemblies, the X Series features our exclusive Head Exchange System, with its head-fixed stainless steel valve internals. To clean, simply loosen the head assembly, which is sealed in place by a sanitary stainless clamp fitting. Pu...



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