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  • GEMU Valves Inc.
    GEMU Valves Inc.
    GEMU Valves, Measurement and Control Systems

    GEMÜ eSyDrive motorized actuator sets new standards in the areas of compact design, speed and accuracy. - GEMÜ has designed this new actuator as a response to increasing requirements in the area of motorized valves, while recognizing current trend in the area of process automation. Pneumatically operated valves are increasingly being replaced with electrical versions. The development of this new ac...
    GEMU Stainless Steel System Solutions GEMU Stainless Steel System Solutions - As a valve specialist GEMÜ reduces the space requirements for process plant and, at the same time, increase the performance capability of system components. Multi-port valve blocks made of stainless steel combine various functions for the control of liquids and gases in the smallest possible sp...
    GEMU 4200 Series of Switchboxes GEMU 4200 Series of Switchboxes - The GEMU 4200 series of switchboxes provide a variety of options for linear and quarter turn valve needs. All switches in the 4200 series are a combination of position indicator and 3/2 way integrated pilot valve optimized for valves sizes up to six inches. The 4200 series covers mature products wit...
    GEMU R690 - Compact, Smaller, Better Val... GEMU R690 - Compact, Smaller, Better Value - A Milestone in industrial plastic piping systems In plant engineering there is a great demand for application specific components with a wide range of functions which save space, weight, and are easy to install. Compact, lightweight plastic diaphragm valves offer cost-effective alternatives to conv...



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