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  • TrojanUV

    TrojanUVSigna™ TrojanUVSigna™ - Chlorine is not the only viable disinfection option for mid- and large-scale applications. With the TrojanUVSigna™, operators and engineers can confidently choose UV and benefit from its inherent safety features, cost-saving advantages and disinfection performance.
    TrojanUV3000PTP™ TrojanUV3000PTP™ - Designed as a generic type of UV disinfection unit, the Trojan Package Treatment Plant (PTP) is very price competitive and offers an off-the-shelf solution for operators with limited budgets and limited treatment requirements.
    TrojanUV3000Plus™ TrojanUV3000Plus™ - The TrojanUV3000Plus™ uses energy-efficient amalgam lamps. These high output lamps are automatically dimmed when flow demand drops or when the water quality changes.
    TrojanUVFit™ TrojanUVFit™ - The TrojanUVFit™ offers an effective and energy-efficient closed-vessel UV solution. This compact reactor is available in multiple configurations to treat a wide range of flow rates. The streamlined hydraulic profile of closed-vessel systems disinfect filtered effluent without breaking head in...



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