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  • AirSep Corporation
    AirSep Corporation
    Innovation in Gas Generation

    Self-Contained Oxygen Generators Self-Contained Oxygen Generators - For unique applications, AirSep offers a range of completely self-contained oxygen generators equipped with air compressors. With the exception of the Centrox, these generators require no special installation. Simply connect the oxygen outlet to your application or oxygen distribution system and th...
    VPSA Oxygen Plants VPSA Oxygen Plants - AirSep Corporation offers custom-engineered Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) Oxygen Systems. They are designed to the specific requirements of installation, with capacities ranging from 2,000 SCFH (52 Nm³/hr) to 120,000 SCFH (3,155 Nm³/hr). AirSep’s high-efficiency, rugged 2-...
    Packaged Oxygen Systems Packaged Oxygen Systems - We can package any of our Standard Oxygen Generators with a multitude of options and accessories to provide a turnkey solution for your oxygen needs. We also have several pre-configured Packaged Systems, which are designed to match the most common applications. Typical Standard Package systems consi...
    Standard Generators Standard Generators - AirSep Alpha Series and SeQual Oxygen Generators produce from 8 to 5,500 cubic feet of oxygen per hour at up to 95% oxygen concentration. When electricity and a source of compressed air is supplied, these dependable machines can provide oxygen for practically any application. AirSep PSA Control Sy...
    Mini Pack Generators Mini Pack Generators - Our Mini Pack Series Oxygen Generators produce from 20 to 90 cubic feet of oxygen per hour at up to 95% oxygen concentration. Designed specifically for applications with fixed flow and pressure characteristics, the reduced size oxygen receiver feature of our Mini Pack Generators offers a quick star...

  • Environmental Operating Solutions, Inc....
    Environmental Operating Solutions, Inc. (EOSi)
    Green Solutions for Achieving Your Limits

    MicroC 3000 MicroC 3000 - MicroC® 3000 is a cost effective and environmentally sustainable alternative to methanol. This “green” methanol is produced using renewable agricultural inputs and also has kinetic advantages versus methanol. EOSi has been supplying carbon sources for nutrient removal for over 10 yea...
    MicroC 2000 MicroC 2000 - MicroC® 2000 is a proprietary, non-hazardous, green chemical designed specifically for use as a carbon source for biological contaminant removal applications in water/wastewater treatment.
    MicroC 4000 MicroC 4000 - MicroC® 4000 products are custom formulations for specific industrial vertical markets (power generation, mining, refining, drinking water, etc.) and contaminant removal applications. Custom formulations can include, but are not limited to, nutrients and trace metals addition.
    MicroC 1000 MicroC 1000 - MicroC® 1000 is a proprietary, non-hazardous, green chemical designed specifically for use as a carbon source for biological contaminant removal applications in water/wastewater treatment.
    Nitrack Nitrack - The Nitrack® Control Program allows EOSi technical staff to have remote, real-time visibility into key biological nutrient removal (BNR) process parameters, and provides our clients with the ability to automatically control the feed rate of MicroC™ products. The Nitrack®...

  • ERA

    PotableWatR PotableWatR - ERA's QC and PT standards provide you the easiest way to verify and demonstrate the accuracy of all of your analyses. Use known CRM QC standards any time to ensure your methods, equipment, reagents and analysts are performing properly. Use single-blind PT samples to demonstrate analyst competency an...

  • PCI Gases
    PCI Gases

    DOCS 500 On-Site Oxygen Generator DOCS 500 On-Site Oxygen Generator - Lowest cost per ccf of oxygen generated of any oxygen generator its size.  
    DOCS 200 On-Site Oxygen Generator DOCS 200 On-Site Oxygen Generator - Deployable Oxygen Concentration System (DOCS) 200 VSA is a lightweight, mobile oxygen generator that can be deployed and setup with minimal effort.

  • SNF Polydyne
    SNF Polydyne
    Global Leader in Water-Soluble Polymers

    Water Soluble polymers Water Soluble polymers - SNF is the world’s leading manufacturer of water-soluble polymers, serving the municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment markets, in addition to a wide array of specialty applications for various additional markets.  The Polydyne division is responsible for the direct market...



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