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  • Severn Trent Services
    Severn Trent Services

    Water Treatment Technologies - Severn Trent Services understands water and wastewater technologies. Founded on the commitment to continuously work and pioneer innovative solutions, we offer municipal, commercial and industrial applications to address disinfection, filtration and process needs.
    UK - Property Services - Severn Trent Retail and Utility Services (STRUS) understand property searches and insurance. We provide conveyancing search reports, and introduce HomeServe Membership Ltd, who provide home emergency cover across the Midlands region of the United Kingdom.
    Water & Wastewater Operations - At Severn Trent Services we understand water & wastewater operations. Drawing from the knowledge and expertise gained through the provision of safe drinking water and compliant wastewater treatment to more than 15 million people worldwide, you can rest assured the health and well being of your c...
    Community and Municipal Management Services - Severn Trent understands community and municipal management services. We provide a full range of services to development districts, associations and municipalities in Florida, Georgia and Texas.

  • Jim Myers & Sons, Inc. (JMS)
    Jim Myers & Sons, Inc. (JMS)
    “Making a Difference for Generations” - Water and Wastewater Treatment Equipment

    JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Beari... JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System) - The new Mega-BEARING optimizes design and materials of construction to maximize bearing life, and lower maintenance requirements.  Mega-BEARING components are NSF 61 certified, and can extend bearing life by up to 15X. 
    Bio-SCREW (Screw Conveyor System) Bio-SCREW (Screw Conveyor System) - JMS is one of the largest and most established suppliers of screw conveyors for municipal applications in N. America. We use our knowledge to provide custom solutions that can save dollars and maximize operational efficiency. Bio-SCREW conveyors are manufactured to accepted CEMA standards. We can de...
    Mega-FLOCS (Paddlewheel Flocculators) Mega-FLOCS (Paddlewheel Flocculators) - JMS Mega-FLOC (Paddlewheel Flocculators) offer a wide range of flexibility with easy installation, and the proven process performance of a paddle wheel design. JMS Mega-FLOCs follow the “Ten States Standards” and are optimized to produce the highest quality floc particles. With hundreds...
    Eco-AIR (Low Profile Cascade Aerator) Eco-AIR (Low Profile Cascade Aerator) - JMS’s ecologically-forward Eco-AIR, has no power consumption or maintenance expense, and JMS unique designs offer a small footprint and optimum flexibility. The new patented Eco-AIR can be installed at new or existing facilities. Compact in design, this device uses patented trapezoidal air inf...
    Mega-SETTLER (Plate Settler Systems) Mega-SETTLER (Plate Settler Systems) - Mega-SETTLER systems suit any basin geometry and sludge collection system. Their use can dramatically reduce the footprint of a conventional sedimentation basin (by 50 to 90%). It can also significantly increase the treatment capacity of existing basins while improving effluent quality. Compared to...
    Delta-SKIMMER (Scum Pipe System) Delta-SKIMMER (Scum Pipe System) - JMS has been providing scum pipes to the municipal water and wastewater industries since 1981. Our Delta-SKIMMER (Scum Pipe System) uses proven proprietary JMS developments such as water lubricated bearings to eliminate the need for grease lines, and enhanced operation modes. As a leader in this ind...
    Bio-BELT (Belt Conveyor System) Bio-BELT (Belt Conveyor System) - JMS Bio-BELT conveyor systems are designed by engineers who specialize in equipment and systems for the water and wastewater industries. Their knowledge allows them to provide custom solutions that can save both dollars and man hours. JMS Bio-BELT conveyors are manufactured to accepted CEMA standard...
    Bio-HANDLING (Material Handling Systems) Bio-HANDLING (Material Handling Systems) - JMS supports the Biosolids handling effort with Bio-HANDLING bulk material handling systems providing innovative designs that consider both project needs and budget. The JMS integrated solutions approach results in custom designs to meet your material handling needs in such areas as Receiving Statio...
    Mega-VAC (Sludge Removal System) Mega-VAC (Sludge Removal System) - The hoseless Mega-VAC uses a telescoping pipe to carry sludge from the basin floor to the discharge outlet. The new patent pending design optimizes sludge removal, improving system efficiency, and lowering maintenance and operational costs. The low profile design is well suited for installation unde...

  • Grande Water Management Systems
    Grande Water Management Systems

    Floatables Retention Floatables Retention - These systems are designed to reduce floating debris from entering the storm water overflow systems, combined sewer overflow (CSO) systems and sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) systems.
    Flood Protection Flood Protection - These systems are designed to prevent flooding and backflows caused by high downstream water levels.
    Flow Regulation Flow Regulation - These systems are designed to maintain a constant and accurate flow (+/- 5%) from a minimum of 16 gpm (1L/s) to a maximum of 32 000 gpm (2000 L/s) and for upstream water levels varying from 0 to 40 feet (12 m).
    Overflow Screening Overflow Screening - These systems are designed to remove debris from storm water overflow systems, combined sewer overflow (CSO) systems and sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) systems.
    Overflow Control Overflow Control - These systems are designed to maintain maximum water storage levels upstream of the weir, thus allowing full usage of all the available upstream storage volume, while not adversely affecting the overflow weir capacity.
    Tank & Sewer Flushing Tank & Sewer Flushing - These sediment flushing systems are designed to remove settled debris from storm water detention tanks, combined sewer overflow (CSO) retention tanks, sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) equalization tanks and reservoir floors, as well as sewer inverts, using a single flush. They can and have been used in...

  • Purestream Inc.
    Purestream Inc.

    Pure Stream inc. Pure Stream inc. - Purestream, Inc. and Purestream ES , LLC lead the way in advanced wastewater treatment equipment. Purestream ES , LLC offers the most Innovative Advanced Biological Treatment solution available today.

  • ITW PolySpec / Futura
    ITW PolySpec / Futura

    THIOKOL®Polysulfide Coatings and Sealan... THIOKOL®Polysulfide Coatings and Sealants - NSF Approved Non-Sag Flexible Sealant • Commercial & Industrial Grade Sealants • Durable Flooring & Tank Linings • Flexible Containment Liners • Parking Deck Systems THIOKOL® Coatings & Sealants THIOKOL® Coatings and Sealants are based on many years of propri...

  • Lined Valve Company
    Lined Valve Company
    Leading designer and manufacturer of knife gate valves

    Figure 77 Resilient Seated, Bi-direction... Figure 77 Resilient Seated, Bi-directional Knife Gate Valve - Cast stainless steel body, packing gland, and yoke. Precision machined stainless steel gate forsuperior seating capability.  Rubber seat provides a BI-DIRECTIONAL drip tight seal across the gate from 0 to 150 PSI. Gate design withstands full 150 PSI rated pressure as required by MSS SP-81...



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