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  • PHOENIX Process Equipment
    PHOENIX Process Equipment
    We're All About The Process; See us at WEFTEC Booth #2800

    Belt Filter Press Belt Filter Press - PHOENIX offers over a dozen different designs of belt filter presses for dewatering municipal and industrial wastewater dewatering. Ranging in widths from 0.7 - 3.0 meters, our belt presses suit a wide range of applications and budgets. From the compact LC800 to the rugged WX 3.0, we supply the broa...
    Model TT Table Thickeners Model TT Table Thickeners - PHOENIX offers table thickeners tailored to your application. Like all PHOENIX equipment, the PHOENIX Table Thickener is built to last and features a rugged, simple, design for economy and low maintenance.
    PHOENIX/Recessed Chamber & Membrane Filt... PHOENIX/Recessed Chamber & Membrane Filter Press - PHOENIX is the exclusive North American distributor for Fraccaroli & Balzan Recessed Chamber & Membrane Filter Presses. These fully automatic filter presses add another option to our dewatering technologies. Whether you are in need of the high production capacity of an Overhead Beam or the s...
    Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge - PHOENIX has partnered with SCI to offer the PHOENIX/SCI Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge for continuous liquid-solid separation through centrifugal sedimentation and decanting. Providing a compact and efficient dewatering solution, these centrifuges are applied in a wide range of dewatering and separa...

  • Putzmeister Solid Pumps GmbH
    Putzmeister Solid Pumps GmbH

    Silo Technology Silo Technology - • Full system planning, development & control • Know How integration • User-friendly documentation • Reliable service  
    EKO Single Piston Pump EKO Single Piston Pump - • Conveying large sized foreign bodies • Conveying extremely stiffest material • Simple design • Cutting force up to 80 t • Delivery rates up to 14 m³/h • Delivery pressures up to 60 bar  
    HSP Seat Valve Piston Pump HSP Seat Valve Piston Pump - • Conveying fine-gained sludge or slurries • Switch-over without shorting • No backflow at high pressure • Outputs up to 400 m³/h • Delivery pressures up to 150 bar  
    KOS S-Tube Piston Pump KOS S-Tube Piston Pump - • Highest grain-size content for conveying coarse sludge & slurries • Lowest maintenance & wear • No hydraulic circuit in contact with material • Highest delivery rates & pressures of 400 m³/h & 150 bar  



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