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  • Poly Processing Company, LLC
    Poly Processing Company, LLC

    The Poly Processing Sulfuric Acid System The Poly Processing Sulfuric Acid System - Through a combination of innovative features, Poly Processing creates the ideal system for sulfuric acid storage. With their robust load tolerance, crosslinked polyethylene tanks can more than handle the chemical’s heavy weight. The molecular bonding of XLPE and tank wall thickness is particul...
    The Poly Processing Hypo System The Poly Processing Hypo System - Poly Processing’s Sodium Hypochlorite Storage Systems are specifically designed for containment of this challenging chemical. By using carbon black, white or gray compound XLPE resin, UV degradation of the chemical can be dramatically reduced. Mastic coatings and insulation are other ways to r...

  • Force Flow
    Force Flow
    Chlorine and Chemical Tank Scales

    BULK TANK WEIGHING MODULES BULK TANK WEIGHING MODULES - ProCell®Tank and Hopper Weighing Assembly If you have a difficult level measurement application on a leg or saddle supported vessel, ProCell® Tank Weighing Assemblies are the solution.
    ULTRASONIC SENSORS ULTRASONIC SENSORS - ECHO-SCALE™ Ultrasonic Sensors The Echo-Scale™ is the perfect chemical monitoring solution for large diameter tanks that cannot cost effectively be placed on a scale. Echo-Scale ultrasonic level sensors are ideal for monitoring sodium hypochlorite, fluoride, caustic and all other chemica...
    CHEMICAL DILUTION SYSTEMS CHEMICAL DILUTION SYSTEMS - MERLIN® Chemical Dilution Systems NEW CHEM FEED TECHNOLOGY! EXPERIENCE THE BENEFITS OF AUTOMATED ONSITE CHEMICAL DILUTION MB2 TECHNOLOGY: MASS BASED + MICRO BATCH Like buying orange juice and detergents, water treatment chemicals are almost always less expensive to purchase in higher concentrati...
    DIGITAL CONVERSION KITS DIGITAL CONVERSION KITS - Why convert to digital? Low Feed Rates: If your current feed rates are low, digital readability and resolution can allow you to more accurately track your usage.
    IBC Tote Bin Scale IBC Tote Bin Scale - Monitor chemicals stored in and fed from intermediate bulk containers

  • Environetics Inc.
    Environetics Inc.

    OIL BOOMS OIL BOOMS - Environetics' floating Oil Slick Booms are designed to be quickly deployed to contain spills at the source of the leak. Constructed of tough thermoplastic and linked together with sturdy connections, Environetics' Boa Boom? is practical, reliable and easy to deploy.
    SPILL CONTAINMENT SPILL CONTAINMENT - Environetics' spill containment berm, the eBerm?, is designed to protect your loading and unloading areas easily and economically. Manufactured from tough industrial grade materials, the eBerm? spill containment barrier is impervious to a broad range of chemical and hydrocarbon materials.  
    CLEARWELL BAFFLES CLEARWELL BAFFLES - Increase Chlorine Contact Time while reducing Disinfection Byproducts Eliminate short circuiting, increase retention time and meet Stage 1 DBP regulations by installing Baffles in your clearwell. NSF-61 approved materials install quickly in existing and new facilities to save you money.
    TANK BAFFLES TANK BAFFLES - Create Staged Treatment Cells in your Tank Install Tank Baffles in your wastewater tank to create aeration and mixing zones, separate anoxic zones and clarification areas from the rest of the tank, designate chlorine contact chambers and capture surface scum and debris. No maintenance required and o...
    FLOATING BAFFLES FLOATING BAFFLES - Flow Diversion Improves Lagoon Performance Create Staged Treatment Cells to reduce Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS). A properly designed lagoon with baffles uses less power than an Activated Sludge System, reducing overall energy costs while increasing aerator efficien...
    FLOATING COVERS FLOATING COVERS - Thermal Retention, Algae Control, Odor Containment Improve lagoon treatment performance with Environetics? new Defender™ Floating Cover. For lagoon performance, the best offense is a good defense. Defend your lagoon from UV light penetration to control algae growth. Defend your lagoon from eva...
    TANK COVERS TANK COVERS - Algae Control, Odor Containment and Thermal Retention Algae Control Covers block ultra violet light to reduce total suspended solids. Odor Control Covers capture offensive odors and volatile organic compounds. Thermal Covers increase biological reaction rates to enhance anaerobic digestion. Modular...

  • ITW PolySpec / Futura
    ITW PolySpec / Futura

    THIOKOL┬«Polysulfide Coatings and Sealan... THIOKOL┬«Polysulfide Coatings and Sealants - NSF Approved Non-Sag Flexible Sealant • Commercial & Industrial Grade Sealants • Durable Flooring & Tank Linings • Flexible Containment Liners • Parking Deck Systems THIOKOL® Coatings & Sealants THIOKOL® Coatings and Sealants are based on many years of propri...

  • Environetics Inc.
    Environetics Inc.

    Waste Water Pollution Waste Water Pollution - We have designed, developed, patented and manufactured many specialized products to solve liquid pollution problems. Our innovative environmental control products provide solutions to water and wastewater pollution issues while keeping quality, low cost and low maintenance as top priorities.



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