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  • Aqualitec
    Screening Equipment & Sludge Treatment

    Grit Classifier - Grittec Grit Classifier - Grittec - Grittec is a Grit Classifier that separates rock, sand and grit from the screened wastewater. Thanks to a large surface tank, materials settle down at the bottom where a shaftless screw will convey them before releasing them into a dumpster. Our Grit Classifier is more particularly efficient th...
    Washer Compactor - Compactec Washer Compactor - Compactec - Compactec is a Washer Compactor that can convey, clean, dewater, and compress debris. The shaftless screw conveys the screenings while the spray bar system helps sending organic materials back to the system. The compression box reduces the volume of debris as well as the cost of transportation. Our...
    Spiral Screen - Spiraltec Spiral Screen - Spiraltec - Spiraltec is The All-In-One Shaftless Cylindrical Screw screen that can collect, convey, dewater, and compress the solids from the WasteWater. With easy brush replacement and minimal manitenance, Spiraltec is your go-to solution for small footprints and shallow channels.
    Drum Screen - Drumtec Drum Screen - Drumtec - Drumtec is a rotating drum screen built for heavy pretreatment applications such as draining, mud thickening, and sandy or industrial water treatment. Highly recommended for membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment plants, this is a highly reliable screen with minimal maintenance,
    Multirake Bar Screen - Raketec Multirake Bar Screen - Raketec - Known for its simple design and easy maintenance, Raketec is a Multiple Rake Bar Screen with no moving parts under grade level. It is a 2 chain free sprocket mechanism that has a unique auto reconnect system and/or vibration proof guarantee. A combination of rubber scrapers, teeth rakes, and br...
    Vertical Bar Screen - Screentec Vertical Bar Screen - Screentec - Our mechanical vertical bar screen Screentec can be installed in many applications including headworks, lift stations, deep wells and manholes. Thanks to its innovative vertical design, Screentec can retrofit any kind of structure with minimal or no changes, thus saving you thousands of dollars...
    Plate Filter Press Plate Filter Press - Our plate filter press thickens industrial and urban sludge. 
    Combo Gravity Belt thickener + Belt Filt... Combo Gravity Belt thickener + Belt Filter Press - Associating the benefits of both a gravity belt thickener and a belt filter press, this exclusive combination increases the mass load by 30% and the dryness from 2 to 5%. 
    Gravity Belt Thickener Gravity Belt Thickener - Our Gravity Belt Thickener is designed for continuous mechanical thickening of municipal or industrial sludge. It can be used for various purposes including to increase the dry solids concentration, for pre-dewatering and sludge volume reduction.
    Belt Filter Press Belt Filter Press - Our Belt Filter Press is designed for continuous mechanical dewatering of municipal and industrial sludge. It offers great benefits for both municipal and industrial customers.

  • Grande Water Management Systems
    Grande Water Management Systems

    Floatables Retention Floatables Retention - These systems are designed to reduce floating debris from entering the storm water overflow systems, combined sewer overflow (CSO) systems and sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) systems.
    Flood Protection Flood Protection - These systems are designed to prevent flooding and backflows caused by high downstream water levels.
    Flow Regulation Flow Regulation - These systems are designed to maintain a constant and accurate flow (+/- 5%) from a minimum of 16 gpm (1L/s) to a maximum of 32 000 gpm (2000 L/s) and for upstream water levels varying from 0 to 40 feet (12 m).
    Overflow Screening Overflow Screening - These systems are designed to remove debris from storm water overflow systems, combined sewer overflow (CSO) systems and sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) systems.
    Overflow Control Overflow Control - These systems are designed to maintain maximum water storage levels upstream of the weir, thus allowing full usage of all the available upstream storage volume, while not adversely affecting the overflow weir capacity.
    Tank & Sewer Flushing Tank & Sewer Flushing - These sediment flushing systems are designed to remove settled debris from storm water detention tanks, combined sewer overflow (CSO) retention tanks, sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) equalization tanks and reservoir floors, as well as sewer inverts, using a single flush. They can and have been used in...

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