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  • John King Chains Inc.
    John King Chains Inc.
    LinKing you to Excellence since 1926 - Waste Water Industry Chains and Sprockets

    WATER TREATMENT CHAINS AND SPROCKETS WATER TREATMENT CHAINS AND SPROCKETS - The John King Company was established in Leeds, England in 1926. Early success was achieved in the manufacture of mechanical handling equipment for the rapid mechanisation of the coal industry. In these early days conveyor chain was generally of cast link construction. The Company therefore has unri...

  • Boerger, LLC
    Boerger, LLC

    The BLUEline Rotary Lobe Pump The BLUEline Rotary Lobe Pump - The solids-resistant BLUEline rotary lobe pump has been used successfully in different sectors for many years. The highest reliability and the long service life of the pump convince our customers.

  • PHOENIX Process Equipment
    PHOENIX Process Equipment
    We're All About The Process; See us at WEFTEC Booth #2800

    Belt Filter Press Belt Filter Press - PHOENIX offers over a dozen different designs of belt filter presses for dewatering municipal and industrial wastewater dewatering. Ranging in widths from 0.7 - 3.0 meters, our belt presses suit a wide range of applications and budgets. From the compact LC800 to the rugged WX 3.0, we supply the broa...
    Model TT Table Thickeners Model TT Table Thickeners - PHOENIX offers table thickeners tailored to your application. Like all PHOENIX equipment, the PHOENIX Table Thickener is built to last and features a rugged, simple, design for economy and low maintenance.
    PHOENIX/Recessed Chamber & Membrane Filt... PHOENIX/Recessed Chamber & Membrane Filter Press - PHOENIX is the exclusive North American distributor for Fraccaroli & Balzan Recessed Chamber & Membrane Filter Presses. These fully automatic filter presses add another option to our dewatering technologies. Whether you are in need of the high production capacity of an Overhead Beam or the s...
    Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge - PHOENIX has partnered with SCI to offer the PHOENIX/SCI Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge for continuous liquid-solid separation through centrifugal sedimentation and decanting. Providing a compact and efficient dewatering solution, these centrifuges are applied in a wide range of dewatering and separa...

  • OR-TEC, INC.
    OR-TEC, INC.

    OR-TEC Mark II Belt Press OR-TEC Mark II Belt Press - Designed with ease of operation, low maintenance, cost effectiveness and dewatering efficiency in mind, the MARK II is proving to be an emerging leader in the municipal, industrial and agricultural realms. It is constructed entirely of stainless steel and can be trailer mounted for multiple site ope...
    MICRO BAR SCREEN MICRO BAR SCREEN - The Blue Whale Micro Bar Screen is a superfine mechanical bar screen with 1mm - 6mm (0.03" - 0.25") openings. The Micro Bar Screen removes the vast majority of hairs, rags and "stringy material" which can pass through screens with larger openings. The Micro Bar Screen is designed for use in municipa...

  • ITW PolySpec / Futura
    ITW PolySpec / Futura

    THIOKOL®Polysulfide Coatings and Sealan... THIOKOL®Polysulfide Coatings and Sealants - NSF Approved Non-Sag Flexible Sealant • Commercial & Industrial Grade Sealants • Durable Flooring & Tank Linings • Flexible Containment Liners • Parking Deck Systems THIOKOL® Coatings & Sealants THIOKOL® Coatings and Sealants are based on many years of propri...

  • Velocity Dynamics, Inc.
    Velocity Dynamics, Inc.

    LIQUID POLYMER EQUIPMENT LIQUID POLYMER EQUIPMENT - Rugged stainless steel skid designed for adding control and instrumentation options, progressive cavity metering pump, controls up to level "R."

  • SNF Polydyne
    SNF Polydyne
    Global Leader in Water-Soluble Polymers

    Water Soluble polymers Water Soluble polymers - SNF is the world’s leading manufacturer of water-soluble polymers, serving the municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment markets, in addition to a wide array of specialty applications for various additional markets.  The Polydyne division is responsible for the direct market...



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