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  • Total Piping Solutions, Inc.
    Total Piping Solutions, Inc.

    Quick Clamp Style 4000 Quick Clamp Style 4000 - The TPS Series 4100 Quick Clamp is available in diameters from 1/2 inch to 6 inch and covers steel tubing and PVC Pipe ins IPS diameters. Band material is 304 stainless steel and lugs are electro-galvanized malleable iron with a dichromate seals. This product has the ability to seal on up to 60% of...
    Compression Fitting Style 6000 Compression Fitting Style 6000 - The TPS Style 6000 and 6100 Compression Fittings and Male Adaptors are designed to accommodate 1/2 inch through 2 inch iron pipe sizes. Adaptor gaskets are available to accommodate copper pipe sizing. With a pressure rating of 150 psi, this product is designed for use on steel tubing, and PVC pipe i...
    Triple Tap® Mechanical Joint End Triple Tap® Mechanical Joint End - Direct Valve Face to MJ Flange Face Mounting Ensures Perfect Alignment of the Valve. Eliminates Gap between the Valve and the Flange Interface. Pre-Installed MJ Gasket Provides Seal to Rated Pressure.
    Triple Tap® Line Stop Fitting Triple Tap® Line Stop Fitting - The Triple Tap® Line Stop Fitting is the latest in the series of value-added, high performance, innovative products from Total Piping Solutions. . . all designed to save time, labor and inventory dollars in the water and wastewater piping industries. The Triple Tap Line Stop Fitting is available...
    “NEW” Triple Tap T3 Service Saddle “NEW” Triple Tap T3 Service Saddle - The Triple Tap Series T3 Service Saddle is the latest in our series of innovative products that save time, labor and inventory dollars in the water and wastewater piping industries. The Series T3 includes many unique advantages including a double range band which allows for a substantial reduction i...
    Triple Tap® Triple Tap® - Total Piping Solutions, Inc. has immediate availability of the all stainless steel, wide range, Triple Tap Tapping sleeve in sizes ranging from 4 to 16 inches in diameter. Triple Tap features a number of distinct advantages including a double range body, a triple seal systems suitable to contain a b...

  • Kanaflex Corp USA
    Kanaflex Corp USA

    Kanapipe Kanapipe - Steel Reinforced HDPE storm/sanitary sewer pipe. (SRPE)

  • Putzmeister Solid Pumps GmbH
    Putzmeister Solid Pumps GmbH

    Silo Technology Silo Technology - • Full system planning, development & control • Know How integration • User-friendly documentation • Reliable service  
    EKO Single Piston Pump EKO Single Piston Pump - • Conveying large sized foreign bodies • Conveying extremely stiffest material • Simple design • Cutting force up to 80 t • Delivery rates up to 14 m³/h • Delivery pressures up to 60 bar  
    HSP Seat Valve Piston Pump HSP Seat Valve Piston Pump - • Conveying fine-gained sludge or slurries • Switch-over without shorting • No backflow at high pressure • Outputs up to 400 m³/h • Delivery pressures up to 150 bar  
    KOS S-Tube Piston Pump KOS S-Tube Piston Pump - • Highest grain-size content for conveying coarse sludge & slurries • Lowest maintenance & wear • No hydraulic circuit in contact with material • Highest delivery rates & pressures of 400 m³/h & 150 bar  

  • LMK Technologies
    LMK Technologies

    Lateral: T-Liner® Lateral: T-Liner® - LMK’s T-Liner® is a one-piece homogenous main and lateral CIPP connection liner. Both the mainline and lateral sections are formed as a structural cylinder that renews 18-inches and 360-degrees of the mainline and extends up the lateral pipe as one continuous lining.

  • Houston Polytank
    Houston Polytank

    Sulfuric acid tanks Sulfuric acid tanks - Sulfuric acid is being used for many applications in many different industries. Due to that popularity we manufacture tanks especially for your needs and we have two options for you to choose from.
    Hydrochloric Acid Storage and Reactor Ta... Hydrochloric Acid Storage and Reactor Tanks - Our high-density polyethylene storage tanks are a great choice for your needs in storing the highly corrosive material, hydrochloric acid. Whether you are using it for refining, the pickling and cleaning of metal, electroplating, you’re in the manufacturing of fertilizers or dyes, in the photo...


    Permox-CTF Permox-CTF - Permox-CTF is the best ductile iron pipe/fitting lining on the sewer market today. The commonly used lining is a 30 year old product that is mostly coal-tar based. There are several problems with coal-tars. Manufacturing processes have changed over the years which have affected the quality coal tars...

  • ITW PolySpec / Futura
    ITW PolySpec / Futura

    THIOKOL®Polysulfide Coatings and Sealan... THIOKOL®Polysulfide Coatings and Sealants - NSF Approved Non-Sag Flexible Sealant • Commercial & Industrial Grade Sealants • Durable Flooring & Tank Linings • Flexible Containment Liners • Parking Deck Systems THIOKOL® Coatings & Sealants THIOKOL® Coatings and Sealants are based on many years of propri...

  • HammerTek Corporation
    HammerTek Corporation

    Pneumatic and Slurry Conveying Elbow Pneumatic and Slurry Conveying Elbow - The HammerTek Smart Elbow conveys a wide variety of abrasive materials simply and efficiently, helping companies avoid costly downtime, replacement, and maintenance expenses. Conveying by deflection, common impact-related problems such as elbow wear, fines, dust, plugging, noise, and turbulence are...

  • H-Tec, Inc.
    H-Tec, Inc.

    Automatic Air and Vacuum Valve for Waste... Automatic Air and Vacuum Valve for Waste Water and Potable Water - Automatic air release and vacuum valve, stainless steel 316Ti, for operating range: 0 – 250 PSI (17.2 Bar), outdoor application possible.  



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