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  • AllMax Software, Inc.
    AllMax Software, Inc.
    Antero™, Operator10® Wastewater, Operator10® Water, and Synexus ™

    Operator10® Water Data Management Softw... Operator10® Water Data Management Software - Operator10 Water provides data storage and processing solutions for managing large volumes of water-related information, and provides an historic picture of the operation of your plant through centralized storage of data. Other benefits include: accessibility, security, stability; reduced errors and...
    Operator10® Wastewater Data Management... Operator10® Wastewater Data Management Software - Operator10 wastewater provides centralized storage for all your wastewater operations data. Plants that record data from external labs, LIMS, SCADA, Historians and more need a place to house, organize, review, manipulate and report on their data. Operator10 includes multiple options to get your data...
    Synexus™ Pretreatment Data Management... Synexus™ Pretreatment Data Management Software - Synexus enables the control authority to establish and maintain industrial user data in the form of industry information, giving you sample results, limits and surcharges, as well as a journal of all correspondence with the industrial user.
    Antero™ Maintenance Data Management Antero™ Maintenance Data Management - Maintenance managers have shared with us that one of their primary concerns is always "making sure that the work got done." With Antero, not only can you schedule preventive maintenance tasks to create your work orders, but you can also track when the work is completed. This includes detailed inform...

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