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  • Heron Innovators, Inc.
    Heron Innovators, Inc.
    Suspended Air® Flotation

    ClearFloater ClearFloater - SAF® systems do not require any additional air/gas to be injected into the flotation cell. Hydraulic and solids loading capacities are increased with SAF® due to rapid rise rates and a very robust float. Less surface area is needed for a smaller physical footprint. Heron offers stainless ste...
    ClearMixer™ ClearMixer™ - SAF® microbubble froth is injected and stirred into the influent stream prior to entering the flotation cell. Most of the microbubble to particle reaction takes place in this mixer.
    SAF® Generator SAF® Generator - The SAF® Generator produces microbubble froth independently of the process stream. These bubbles resist coalescing for significantly higher surface area and lifespan. Due to surface tension advantage and electrostatic affinity, the microbubbles attract, attach, and encapsulate the particles.
    Skid Mounted Systems Skid Mounted Systems - Heron Innovators offers custom designed systems that are plumbed, wired, and tested with the flotation and ancillary equipment all on one single skid. This plug-and-play design minimizes installation time and costs normally associated with field integration of pumps, pH control, chemical feed, and o...

    Advancing Nanobubble Technology

    Titan Product Series: Flexible High-Flow... Titan Product Series: Flexible High-Flow Nanobubble Generation Systems - With Moleaer's Titan product series, we offers fully customizable nanobubble generation solutions for large-scale industrial and municipal applications to deliver the power of nanobubbles no matter your current system configuration. Our modular nanobubble generators, pumps and gas sources give you t...
    XTB Nanobubble Generator XTB Nanobubble Generator - Moleaer’s XTB nanobubble generators produce flexible, efficient nanobubble injection solutions to enhance water treatment in a variety of installations. Available in 25, 50, 100 and 200 flow rates, the XTB has simple controls, durable operation and easy integration.

  • Boerger, LLC
    Boerger, LLC

    The BLUEline Rotary Lobe Pump The BLUEline Rotary Lobe Pump - The solids-resistant BLUEline rotary lobe pump has been used successfully in different sectors for many years. The highest reliability and the long service life of the pump convince our customers.

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