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  • Delta Pure Filtration
    Delta Pure Filtration

    DHF Series: Multi-Pleat High Flow Water... DHF Series: Multi-Pleat High Flow Water & Liquid Filtration - Delta Pure DHF High Flow Filter cartridges process up to 500 GPM (1900 lpm) per filter. Several DHF filtres can be installed in a Delta Pure HFH series housing to purify thousands of GPM of water or process liquid. The Delta Pure High Flow Filter cartridge provide excellent economics and highly effi...
    EcoWound™ Produced-Water Filters EcoWound™ Produced-Water Filters - Energy producers have long relied upon string wound filters to maximize production, protect producing and disposal formations, extend injection well performance, comply with environmental regulations, and prevent equipment from fouling. The enormous volume of water that must be treated (e.g., fracki...
    High Flow Liquid Filter Housings (HFH) High Flow Liquid Filter Housings (HFH) - The Delta Pure HFH range of High Flow Filter Housings accepts the Delta Pure DHF High Flow 6” diameter filter cartridge to pre-filter or polish water and other liquids at a typical flow range of 100-3600 gpm (662-13,600 lpm or 6,000-123,400 US bpd). These quality filter vessels, optionally ava...



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