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  • Poly Processing Company, LLC
    Poly Processing Company, LLC

    The Poly Processing Sulfuric Acid System The Poly Processing Sulfuric Acid System - Through a combination of innovative features, Poly Processing creates the ideal system for sulfuric acid storage. With their robust load tolerance, crosslinked polyethylene tanks can more than handle the chemical’s heavy weight. The molecular bonding of XLPE and tank wall thickness is particul...
    The Poly Processing Hypo System The Poly Processing Hypo System - Poly Processing’s Sodium Hypochlorite Storage Systems are specifically designed for containment of this challenging chemical. By using carbon black, white or gray compound XLPE resin, UV degradation of the chemical can be dramatically reduced. Mastic coatings and insulation are other ways to r...

  • Tekran Instruments Corporation
    Tekran Instruments Corporation

    Flue Gas CEM - The Tekran® Series 3300 Mercury CEM is in place at over 200 sources in the U.S. For every installation, we have met and exceeded all performance requirements for our customer’s state and federal regulations. With over 20 years of mercury instrument development in the laboratory and ambient...

  • Miller Analytical
    Miller Analytical

    LaMotte Model DC1200 Chlorine Colorimete... LaMotte Model DC1200 Chlorine Colorimeter - Water Resistant Design: Designed with excessive exposure to moisture in mind, the 1200 colorimeters deliver trouble-free performance in the field and lab. Improved Accuracy: The microprocessor enables the factory programmed calibrations to optimally match non-linear curves. Auto-Zero: Simply insert...

  • ERA

    PotableWatR PotableWatR - ERA's QC and PT standards provide you the easiest way to verify and demonstrate the accuracy of all of your analyses. Use known CRM QC standards any time to ensure your methods, equipment, reagents and analysts are performing properly. Use single-blind PT samples to demonstrate analyst competency an...

  • CTL Scientific Supply Corp.
    CTL Scientific Supply Corp.

    pH-Fix test strips pH-Fix test strips - The dye is fixed to the test strip and can not bleed into the sample. This protects the sample against contamination and enables measurements in weakly buffered or strongly alkaline solutions. Wide and narrow range pH strips are available. 14 ranges in all.

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific - Water Analysi...
    Thermo Fisher Scientific - Water Analysis

    Thermo Scientific Orion AquaMate Spectro... Thermo Scientific Orion AquaMate Spectrophotometers - Thermo Scientific Orion AquaMate Spectrophotometers are designed for use in water and wastewater analysis laboratories, and offer the high reliability and accuracy of the renowned Orion technology in a compact package. These spectrophotometers provide simple and efficient sample analysis using over...

  • Swan Analytical USA, Inc.
    Swan Analytical USA, Inc.

    Swan Turbidity Monitor AMI Turbiwell Swan Turbidity Monitor AMI Turbiwell - Uses EPA approved Turbidity monitoring method so results are reportable. Highly accurate and requires very little maintenance because the optics are isolated from the sample to eliminate fouling while the LED light source is stable for years eliminating the need for frequent calibrations or light bu...


  • Komline-Sanderson

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