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  • Cretex Specialty Products
    Cretex Specialty Products

    PRO-RING™ Manhole Grade Adjustment Sys... PRO-RING™ Manhole Grade Adjustment System - PRO-RING™ is the only manhole grade adjustment system made from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP). PRO-RING™ products provide a proven alternative to concrete grade or adjustment rings and is the most advanced concrete-alternative manhole grade adjustment system available anywhere. The materi...
    The LSS Internal Manhole Chimney Seal The LSS Internal Manhole Chimney Seal - The LSS Internal Chimney Seal is available in four widths with unexpanded vertical heights of 8 inches (LSS 0-6), 10 inches(LSS 6-12), 14 inches (LSS 12-18), and 18 inches (LSS 18-24). The flexible rubber sleeve is extruded or molded from a high grade rubber which conforms to the applicabl...
    The X-85 External Manhole Chimney Seal The X-85 External Manhole Chimney Seal - The X-85 External Chimney Seal is a high performance watertight seal for use between the manhole casting and concrete cone. Our state-of-the-art technology combines all of the advantages of a mechanical seal in amore economical version that is easy to use.

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