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  • Aquflow-Precision Flow Tech, Inc.
    Aquflow-Precision Flow Tech, Inc.

    Accessories Accessories - Aquflow strongly suggests using a back pressure valve, pressure gauge, inlet strainer, and calibration column with metering pumps to maximize life and efficiency. Your system may also require safety relief valve, and pulsation dampener depending on the application. Please ask us to quote these compa...
    AquFlow Controls AquFlow Controls - Aquflow pumps are as easy to control as they are to install and run. Since a metering pump is a positive displacement pump, you can control the flow capacity by either adjusting the stroke’s length and/or speed.
    Skid-Mounted Chemical Injector Systems Skid-Mounted Chemical Injector Systems - AquFlow offers customized ChemInjector systems based on your specification. AquFlow provides everything you need for an accurate chemical delivery chemical injector system. Most assemblies are skid-mounted, which is then placed at the site. Some chemical injector systems are too large for skid mount...
    AquFlow Pumps AquFlow Pumps - AquFlow pumps are assembled in a state-of-the-art facility in Irvine, California, USA. AquFlow’s manufacturing process emphasizes flexibility and agility to rapidly accommodate market requirements. AquFlow’s fast deliveries delight customers who may be experiencing down time due to a bro...

  • Anue Water Technologies, Inc.
    Anue Water Technologies, Inc.

    EP-1100 EP-1100 - Eliminates fat, oil and grease (FOG) from municipal wastewater ‘lift stations’. This FOG can build up until it is several feet thick, causing the corrosion and breaking of pipes, along with the subsequent spillage of Ecoli, and danger to environmental and human health in the community. T...
    FORSe 5  Odor and Corrosion System FORSe 5 Odor and Corrosion System - Eliminates odor and corrosion through ozone and oxygen treatment of the force main. Eliminates ongoing cost of chemical treatments for net savings starting within 12 – 24 months. Provides environmentally friendly and sustainable solution versus current chemical alternatives.
    EnviroPrep EP-1100A EnviroPrep EP-1100A - The all new EnviroPrep EP-1100A Series are mechanical, wastewater systems for cleaning and conditioning of wastewater in lift stations, keeping them free of fat, oil, grease (FOG) and biological build-up. The system operates by recycling a fractional amount of pump discharge flow back into the well....

  • Guard Products
    Guard Products

    Innovative chemicals: including struvite... Innovative chemicals: including struvite remover and patented h2S scavanger - Guard Products has joined with Global Aqua Solutions (GAS)to market our exclusive h2S scavengers(Sul Free™) and struvite removers (Struv Free), under the Earth First™ label. Earth First™ h2S scavengers are extremely efficient, safe and also liquify FOG.One molecule can bond with up...



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