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  • Grande Water Management Systems
    Grande Water Management Systems

    Floatables Retention Floatables Retention - These systems are designed to reduce floating debris from entering the storm water overflow systems, combined sewer overflow (CSO) systems and sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) systems.
    Flood Protection Flood Protection - These systems are designed to prevent flooding and backflows caused by high downstream water levels.
    Flow Regulation Flow Regulation - These systems are designed to maintain a constant and accurate flow (+/- 5%) from a minimum of 16 gpm (1L/s) to a maximum of 32 000 gpm (2000 L/s) and for upstream water levels varying from 0 to 40 feet (12 m).
    Overflow Screening Overflow Screening - These systems are designed to remove debris from storm water overflow systems, combined sewer overflow (CSO) systems and sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) systems.
    Overflow Control Overflow Control - These systems are designed to maintain maximum water storage levels upstream of the weir, thus allowing full usage of all the available upstream storage volume, while not adversely affecting the overflow weir capacity.
    Tank & Sewer Flushing Tank & Sewer Flushing - These sediment flushing systems are designed to remove settled debris from storm water detention tanks, combined sewer overflow (CSO) retention tanks, sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) equalization tanks and reservoir floors, as well as sewer inverts, using a single flush. They can and have been used in...

  • ADI Systems, an Evoqua brand
    ADI Systems, an Evoqua brand
    Wastewater Treatment and Waste-to-Energy Solutions

    BIOGAS TREATMENT AND UTILIZATION BIOGAS TREATMENT AND UTILIZATION - Evoqua's ADI Systems offers biogas treatment for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal to assist with waste-to-energy projects. This can be achieved using either biological or chemical scrubber technologies. We have extensive experience supplying complete biogas handling, treatment, and utilization systems...
    ADI® SEQUENCING BATCH REACTOR (SBR) ADI® SEQUENCING BATCH REACTOR (SBR) - The ADI® Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) is an activated sludge process where various treatment events occur in a single vessel. The process events are separated by time rather than space, making it easy for operators to add, lengthen, shorten, or alter the sequence of the different events to ach...
    ADI® MEMBRANE BIOREACTOR (MBR) ADI® MEMBRANE BIOREACTOR (MBR) - The ADI® aerobic membrane bioreactor (MBR) is an activated sludge treatment system that improves treatment performance and consistency compared to conventional activated sludge systems by using a physical membrane barrier for liquid-solids separation instead of traditional gravity clarifica...
    ADI® EXTERNAL CIRCULATION SLUDGE BED (E... ADI® EXTERNAL CIRCULATION SLUDGE BED (ECSB) - The ADI® External Circulation Sludge Bed (ECSB) is a high-rate anaerobic digestion system that uses granular biomass to treat wastewater. This space-saving process incorporates a patented design developed by HydroThane STP that is offered under licence by ADI Systems.  Very compact footpri...
    ADI® ANAEROBIC MEMBRANE BIOREACTOR (AnM... ADI® ANAEROBIC MEMBRANE BIOREACTOR (AnMBR) - The state-of-the-art ADI® anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) combines anaerobic digestion with physical separation membranes, resulting in maximum organic load removal and biogas production. This technology produces a superior effluent quality compared to any anaerobic technology on the marke...
    ADI-BVF® REACTOR ADI-BVF® REACTOR - The ADI-BVF® reactor is an anaerobic digestion system that offers very stable, robust wastewater treatment and biogas generation under a wide range of operating conditions. ADI Systems, an Evoqua brand, is the inventor and exclusive provider of this popular, patented technology.  Treats wa...



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