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  • Severn Trent Services
    Severn Trent Services

    Water Treatment Technologies - Severn Trent Services understands water and wastewater technologies. Founded on the commitment to continuously work and pioneer innovative solutions, we offer municipal, commercial and industrial applications to address disinfection, filtration and process needs.
    UK - Property Services - Severn Trent Retail and Utility Services (STRUS) understand property searches and insurance. We provide conveyancing search reports, and introduce HomeServe Membership Ltd, who provide home emergency cover across the Midlands region of the United Kingdom.
    Water & Wastewater Operations - At Severn Trent Services we understand water & wastewater operations. Drawing from the knowledge and expertise gained through the provision of safe drinking water and compliant wastewater treatment to more than 15 million people worldwide, you can rest assured the health and well being of your c...
    Community and Municipal Management Services - Severn Trent understands community and municipal management services. We provide a full range of services to development districts, associations and municipalities in Florida, Georgia and Texas.

  • Halogen Valve Systems, Inc.
    Halogen Valve Systems, Inc.
    The leader in Chlorine Emergency Shutoff Systems

    Duplex & Simplex Model Controllers Duplex & Simplex Model Controllers - The Simplex System features one Eclipse actuator and the Duplex System includes two actuators. The Duplex Model II controller allows for the automatic operation of up to 2 Eclipse actuators simultaneously. The Simplex and Duplex Models meets all Fire Code requirements. Remote Operation Automatically...
    Gemini & Mercury Model Controllers Gemini & Mercury Model Controllers - The Gemini System features two Terminator actuators and the Mercury System includes one actuator. The Gemini controller allows for operation of up to 2 Terminator actuators sequentially and is designed for installation in conjunction with automatic switch over systems that employ two chlorine contai...
    Hexacon Controllers Hexacon Controllers - The Hexacon System allows for the automatic control and operation of up to six Eclipse actuators. During an emergency closure, the Hexacon Model II will close up to 6 Eclipse actuators automatically and sequentially. The Hexacon Model II meets all Fire Code requirements. Remote Operation Automatical...
    Terminator Actuator Terminator Actuator - The Terminator Actuator is designed to be used with standard 150 lbs. cylinder valves as a fail-safe, automatic-closing valve shut off that supplements the manual operation of the valve in case of an emergency. The light weight Terminator (8 lbs.) is easily installed on a cylinder with standard valv...
    Eclipse Actuator Eclipse Actuator - Halogen's Eclipse actuators and system controllers are designed to be used with standard 150 lb. cylinder and ton container valves. The Eclipse is an automatic-closing, fail-safe valve closer that supplements the manual operation of these valves by providing for powered valve closure in case of an e...



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