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  • Bio-Nomic Services, Inc.
    Bio-Nomic Services, Inc.
    A Carylon Company

    Sludge Dewatering Sludge Dewatering - We specialize in reducing sludge to a fraction of it original volume, shrinking your handling and disposal costs. Our modern dewatering units can be mobilized to your site. Then, once our experienced technicians have removed the sludge from your pond, lagoon, industrial tank, we dewater sludge to me...
    Sludge Removal Sludge Removal - We use the most advanced shallow draft dredging equipment to remove accumulated solids to a depth of 27 feet. Each of these units is completely portable and operates with minimal turbidity to maintain the "on-line" status and ecological characteristics of the waterway or system. 

  • Aero-Mod Inc.
    Aero-Mod Inc.

    Aero-Mod, Inc . . . wastewater process s... Aero-Mod, Inc . . . wastewater process solutions - Aero-Mod, Inc. specializes in custom-designed wastewater treatment facilities. We offer products and engineered solutions for biological treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater using clarification, nutrient removal, aeration, filtration and solids dewatering. Equipment, process patents, and...



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