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  • Samsara
    The leader in Industrial IoT

    HM11 Machine Health Monitor HM11 Machine Health Monitor - The HM11 is a wireless, real-time vibration and temperature sensor that deploys in minutes. Sensors mount directly onto machines and continuously stream data on the health of critical equipment, thereby reducing unplanned downtime and lowering maintenance costs.
    IG61 Industrial Controller IG61 Industrial Controller - Managed by Samsara’s secure web-based dashboard, the IG61 provides the same universal connectivity, easy setup, and global analytics and control that are standard across the IG-family. Expandable I/O, high-capacity onboard storage, and an advanced processor make the IG61 a great fit for the mo...
    IG21 Industrial Controller IG21 Industrial Controller - Managed by Samsara’s secure web-based dashboard, the IG21 features universal connectivity, easy setup, and global analytics and control. Integrated LTE connectivity, built-in I/O , and Class 1, Division 2 certification make the IG21 a great fit for remote and distributed operations.  

  • Xylem
    Decision Intelligence Solutions

    Xylem Water Network Optimization Xylem Water Network Optimization - Manage drinking water distribution with real-time actionable insights & ensure water quality compliance. REDUCE RESPONSE TIMES INCREASE CONFIDENCE ENSURE LEVEL OF SERVICE
    Xylem Revenue Locator Xylem Revenue Locator - Optimize revenue and reduce apparent losses by focusing on meter performance. OPTIMIZE METER PERFORMANCE TRACK REPLACEMENT PROGRAM IMPACT
    Xylem Water Loss Management Xylem Water Loss Management - Ensure water safety, affordability & customer accessibility. REDUCE LEAKS AND BURSTS IDENTIFY PRESSURE SURGES MONITOR AND MEASURE DMAS 
    Xylem Asset Performance Optimization Xylem Asset Performance Optimization - Protect your investments by identifying high-risk pipe segments, predicting future asset risk levels, and developing more efficient and cost-effective asset management strategies. PREDICT AND PRIORITIZE POTENTIAL BREAKS  DETERMINE CONSEQUENCE OF FAILURES OPTIMIZE AND JUSTIFY INTERVENTION PLANS...
    Xylem Treatment System Optimization Xylem Treatment System Optimization - Make real-time, data-driven decisions to manage your treatment plant, increase system reliability and reduce risk. REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION BALANCE NITRIFICATION AND DENITRIFICATION  OPTIMIZE BIOLOGICAL PHOSPHORUS REMOVAL
    Xylem Wastwater Network Optimization Xylem Wastwater Network Optimization - Ensure compliance, optimize service and system capacity, and mitigate flooding and overflow events. VISUALIZE PERFORMANCE REDUCE SEWER OVERFLOWS DECREASE SSO AND CSO FLOODING

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