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  • Krausz USA, Inc.
    Krausz USA, Inc.
    Repair the past. Connect the future.

    HYMAX VERSA HYMAX VERSA - HYMAX VERSA products provide a highly versatile stainless steel coupling solution for connecting and repairing a wide range of water and wastewater pipes. This family of products also stands out for its exceptional durability and flexibility and its best fit for hot soil conditions. HYMAX VERSA can...
    HYMAX Clamp HYMAX Clamp - HYMAX Clamps, now offered with only two bolts, are the only product in the market that permanently repair holes and longitudinal cracks in water and wastewater pipes. Highly reliable and now even easier to install, HYMAX reduced bolts clamps are both extremely efficient and very cost effective. Like...
    HYJOINT HYJOINT - HYJOINT coupling products, available with NBR gaskets, are a complete line of dedicated-range couplings for joining IPS, PVC and steel pipes* of the same diameter. All HYJOINT products feature a stab-on design,* two or four top-facing bolts, and require no disassembly for installation, enabling them...
    HYMAX GRIP Swiveljoint HYMAX GRIP Swiveljoint - Connects and restrains two pipes AT ANY ANGLE from 0° to 90°
    HYMAX GRIP HYMAX GRIP - HYMAX GRIP® reliably joins and restrains a wide range of piping types and diameters. Its patented design allows the joining of pipes of the same or different materials and diameters with unmatched ease. This market-leading restraint coupling solution, invented and manufactured by Krausz, has a u...
    HYMAX HYMAX - HYMAX® coupling solutions feature advanced engineering and innovative design, enabling fast installation, outstanding flexibility, and extreme durability in varied conditions. These benefits make the HYMAX Couplings the high-performance, cost-effective choice for a broad variety of applications....


  • Komline-Sanderson

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