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  • CST Industries, Inc.
    CST Industries, Inc.
    The Global Leader in Storage Tank and Cover Solutions

    Epoxy Coated Bolted Steel Storage Tanks Epoxy Coated Bolted Steel Storage Tanks - CST’s HydroTec® tank systems are the comprehensive storage solution for any fluid and are recognized as the industry standard as the epoxy storage solution. HydroTec tank systems can be manufactured, erected and in operation up to three times faster than field welded or concrete applicatio...
    Custom Aluminum Covers for Water & Waste... Custom Aluminum Covers for Water & Wastewater - CST has supplied over 18,000 covers in more than 90 countries worldwide. CST is recognized for its innovative clear-span aluminum covers for wastewater process and water storage tanks that help control odorous emissions and prevent water intrusion. CST’s aluminum domes and flat panel covers pr...
    Glass-Fused-To-Steel Bolted Storage Tank... Glass-Fused-To-Steel Bolted Storage Tanks - CST Industries is a global leader in the design and manufacture of Aquastore® storage solutions including, tanks, reservoirs, standpipes and composite elevated tanks. Aquastore’s Vitrium™ glass-fused-to-steel/enamel coating and Edgecoat II™ technology is an ultra-low maintenanc...

  • Poly Processing Company, LLC
    Poly Processing Company, LLC

    The Poly Processing Sulfuric Acid System The Poly Processing Sulfuric Acid System - Through a combination of innovative features, Poly Processing creates the ideal system for sulfuric acid storage. With their robust load tolerance, crosslinked polyethylene tanks can more than handle the chemical’s heavy weight. The molecular bonding of XLPE and tank wall thickness is particul...
    The Poly Processing Hypo System The Poly Processing Hypo System - Poly Processing’s Sodium Hypochlorite Storage Systems are specifically designed for containment of this challenging chemical. By using carbon black, white or gray compound XLPE resin, UV degradation of the chemical can be dramatically reduced. Mastic coatings and insulation are other ways to r...

  • Caldwell Tanks, Inc.
    Caldwell Tanks, Inc.

    INDUSTRIAL API TANKS AND AMSE VESSELS INDUSTRIAL API TANKS AND AMSE VESSELS - Our leadership in turnkey construction, coupled with an unmatched legacy of field and technical support, makes Caldwell a supplier of choice for the oil, gas midstream and chemical industries. Our thermal energy storage (TES) tanks are used by district energy, commercial and industrial customers to...
    Potable Water Storage Tanks Potable Water Storage Tanks - From a water tower (elevated storage tank) to a flat-bottom, above-ground tank (ground storage tank), our in-house engineering and construction teams have the experience to design and build your customized water tank, covering all tank styles and capacities. Join thousands of satisfied customers and...
    TANK ASSET PRESERVATION TANK ASSET PRESERVATION - We provide comprehensive asset management services throughout the life of your tank. Whether you need one-time tank repaint and rehabilitation services, ongoing maintenance and inspection programs, or tank mixing solutions, Caldwell can make it happen with customized solutions to meet your needs.
    ENERGY SYSTEMS ENERGY SYSTEMS - Our power augmentation systems, including inlet fogging and wet compression solutions, are a cost-effective option for boosting the output and efficiency of gas turbines. With more than 400,000 hours of operating experience in power generation applications around the world, these systems offer prove...
    Prestressed Concrete Tanks Gallery Prestressed Concrete Tanks Gallery - We've leveraged our strength as an industry leader with more than 125 years of experience to build concrete tank structures that stand up to the harshest of materials and worst of weather conditions. Our circular, wire-wrapped tanks are constructed to meet or exceed ACI and D110 AWWA requirements, a...

  • Claro Environmental Technologies & Equip...
    Claro Environmental Technologies & Equipment Inc.

    Solids/Sludge Handling Solids/Sludge Handling - Complete turn-key solids/sludge handling solutions for a wide variety of municipal and industrial clients. With 25+ years experience, our senior designers have implemented dozens of systems.
    Heat Exchangers & Energy Recovery Heat Exchangers & Energy Recovery - Claro heat exchangers are effective for sludge heating, heat and energy recovery from outgoing digester sludge, and the heating/cooling of various process liquids. 35+ years experience.
    Anaerobic Digestion Anaerobic Digestion - Complete anaerobic digestion systems for municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications informed by 35+ years applications experience and technological innovation.
    Screening & Grit Removal Screening & Grit Removal - Complete screening and grit removal systems for municipal and industrial applications. Claro offers standard and custom designs backed by 25+ years experience.
    Claro Anaerobic Digestion Systems & Slud... Claro Anaerobic Digestion Systems & Sludge Heat Exchangers - Claro provides complete anaerobic digestion systems for municipal applications informed by 35+ years applications experience & technological innovation. Claro Big Bubble Gun Mixer systems are a proven anaerobic digester mixing technology that significantly reduces sludge disposal volumes & d...

  • Caldwell Tanks, Inc.
    Caldwell Tanks, Inc.

    2009 STI/SPFA Tank of the Year 2009 STI/SPFA Tank of the Year - TANK SIZE & STYLE: 2,000,000 Gallon Fluted Column Elevated Water Tank PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Requiring 590 days, Caldwell constructed this tank utilizing over 140 tons of steel and 845 cubic yards of concrete. This tank's mammoth amount of steel and its magnificent 4-color coating system helped ea...

  • Jim Myers & Sons, Inc. (JMS)
    Jim Myers & Sons, Inc. (JMS)
    “Making a Difference for Generations” - Water and Wastewater Treatment Equipment

    JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Beari... JMS Mega-BEARING (High Performance Bearing System) - The new Mega-BEARING optimizes design and materials of construction to maximize bearing life, and lower maintenance requirements.  Mega-BEARING components are NSF 61 certified, and can extend bearing life by up to 15X. 

  • IPM Systems, LLC
    IPM Systems, LLC
    Your Complete Solutions Provider

    Screw Conveyors Screw Conveyors - Tube Conveyors:  Up to 6" OD  Horizontal or Incline Flexible Conveyors:  Up to 4" OD Trough Conveyors:  Up to 10" OD Horizontal or Incline Micro Conveyors:  Up to 1" OD
    Manual Bag Systems Manual Bag Systems - Key Features: Manual Product Loading Accurate Dispensing of Dry Product Mix tank or Wetting Cone Configuration Small Footprint Integrated Control Options 
    Silo Systems Silo Systems - The IPM Systems Silo System is used to store, feed, dissolve, and deliver chemical to the desired process point. They are used in many applications for municipal and industrial waste and water treatment applications. Why IPM System's Silos are Different: Design of our Silo Spliced into two Section...
    Volumetric Screw Feeders Volumetric Screw Feeders - Key Features: Accurate Feed Rates Reduce Operating Cost Direct Drive Assembly Decreases Wear Items Stock Motor & Gearbox Reduces Lead Time Easy Tooling Change-Out Minimizes Down Time Overwind Conditioner to reduce common feed issues
    ProBatch Mini (Dry Polymer Activation) ProBatch Mini (Dry Polymer Activation) - Key Features: Single Skid Design Accurate Dispensing of Dry Polymer Superior Polymer Activation Integrated Controls Technical Information: 0.125%-1% Solution Concentration Feed Rate: 0.02-12 Cubic Feet per Hour
    Liquid Chemical Feed Skids Liquid Chemical Feed Skids - IPM Systems has been providing liquid chemical feed systems to the municipal and industrial markets since 2001. Our uniquely packaged systems can accommodate any preferred selection of pumps. This includes the design and manufacturing of bulk storage tanks, truck unloading stations, day tanks, trans...
    Lime Detention Slaker Lime Detention Slaker - Key Features: Volumetric Feeder – Accurate addition of Quick Lime Capacities: 300-24,000 lbs per hour Replaceable wear liner Double wall insulation for maximum heat efficiency Temperature Alarm Cooling Sequence Grit removal trough Dust and Vapor Remover
    ProBatch Max (Dry Polymer Activation Sys... ProBatch Max (Dry Polymer Activation System) - Key Features: Accurate Dispensing of Dry Polymer Superior Polymer Activation Custom Designs and Configurations Integrated Controls Feed and Wetting Skid: Bulk Bag or Manual Unloading Volumetric Feeder Wetting Bowl Eductor/Jet Pump PLC Controls Mix/Age Tank Configurations: Stacked Tanks Side by...
    Liquid Polymer System - ParaDyne P Liquid Polymer System - ParaDyne P - Key Features:  Up to 200 GPM System No-Clog Neat Polymer Check Valve Non-Damaging Rotor No Recirculation of Solution Mechanical Seal Flush Loss of Water Protection Pump and Control Options



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