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  • Airoflo, Inc
    Airoflo, Inc

    9000 Series Maxflo Mixer 9000 Series Maxflo Mixer - Save energy by applying S&N Airoflo's low speed, low HP mixers, with high pumping rates and directional flow.
    2000 Series Floating Brush Rotor 2000 Series Floating Brush Rotor - Designed for Activated Sludge Application, with increased efficiency and lower operating costs.   

  • Nidec Motor Corporation
    Nidec Motor Corporation
    All for dreams

    U.S. Motors U.S. Motors - U.S. MOTORS® is one of the oldest and most respected brands in the motor industry. Since 1908, our brand has stood for exceptional product reliability and performance. Today, it is recognized worldwide as the mark of leadership and technological innovation in industrial motors. - See more at: ht...
    Nidec Appliance Nidec Appliance - Nidec Motor Corporation works with almost all major appliance manufacturers around the globe. We understand the requirements of appliance OEM’s new product development processes in detail. Our own new product development experience enables us to anticipate the needs of your design team’s...
    Hurst Motors Hurst Motors - Since 1950, Hurst has been an integral part of life in Princeton, Indiana. Starting operations as a small family owned tool shop; three generations of the Hurst family have maintained strong quality and high customer satisfaction as the company advanced into designing and producing electric motors....
    5813 Frame Vertical TITANĀ® II Motor - The U.S. MOTORS® brand 5813 Frame Vertical TITAN® II motor is custom built, based on customer specifications and requirements. It includes WPI and WPII (weather protected) enclosures, and is available in speed ranges from 400 to 1800 RPM. 5813 frame verticals can be manufactured with either...
    6812 Frame Vertical TEFC 6812 Frame Vertical TEFC - Introducing the new 6812 frane vertical, totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC) motor that is designed for applications in the desalination, water/wastewater, mining, oil and gas industries. The 6812 motor is a tubeless fan cooled design that decreases service requirements, compared to tube-cooled moto...



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