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  • SmartSights
    Insightful Solutions

    XLReporter XLReporter - XLReporter isn’t just a reporting tool. It provides clear insights for effective decision-making and action, empowering you with operational intelligence to elevate performance. It offers easy access to data from PLCs, historians, alarm history, and IoT devices, coupled with built-in analytics...
    WIN-911 Alarm Notification Software WIN-911 Alarm Notification Software - Easily maintain all your operations across all of your locations from anywhere. SmartSights’ WIN-911 Notifications is the ultimate solution to monitor your plant’s health and turn alarm and operational management into actionable insights.

  • Flowserve Corporation
    Flowserve Corporation

    Byron Jackson SUBM submersible pumps wit... Byron Jackson SUBM submersible pumps with H2O water-filled motors - The Byron Jackson H2O deep well pump with direct coupled water filled motors has single or multistage design for continuous operation. Extensive selection of hydraulics, materials and options to ensure optimal value for required applications.

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