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  • Boerger, LLC
    Boerger, LLC

    The BLUEline Rotary Lobe Pump The BLUEline Rotary Lobe Pump - The solids-resistant BLUEline rotary lobe pump has been used successfully in different sectors for many years. The highest reliability and the long service life of the pump convince our customers.

  • Cherne

    Aqua-Loc Hydrostatic Test Pump - Diaphra... Aqua-Loc Hydrostatic Test Pump - Diaphragm Style, 9.5 GPM - The Aqua-Loc Hydrostatic Test Pumps are designed to pressure test new potable water lines. The test pressures can be set from 100-550PSI. The pumps have a Honda or Briggs engine with low oil shut off, integral manifolds which eliminate leak points, pressure regulators for easy adjustment, brass inli...
    Cherne® I-Series Test-Ball® Plugs Cherne® I-Series Test-Ball® Plugs - Cherne Industries, a part of the Oatey family of brands, is a global leader in pipe plug blocking and testing. The newly redesigned Cherne® I-Series Test-Ball® Plugs are the most innovative pneumatic plugs available for the underground/waterworks market. Lightweight, short and flexible, Cher...
    Cherne® Single-Size Muni-Ball® Plugs Cherne® Single-Size Muni-Ball® Plugs - The Cherne Single-Size Muni-Ball Plugs work with all types of pipe and offers a threaded aluminum bypass.The full bypass allows both testing and monitoring of pipe systems. Made of durable natural rubber it seals the roughest of surfaces and can be converted to an air test plug with the use of a con...
    Cherne® Air-Loc® Front Plugs Cherne® Air-Loc® Front Plugs - Cherne® Air-Loc® Front Plugs are leak-locator plugs designed for line-acceptance tests and leak-location testing. They can also be used as blocking plugs by plugging the fill and read-back ports. The new design has improved performance and safety through its optimized, lightweight, short, fl...

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