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  • Aqseptence Group, Inc.
    Aqseptence Group, Inc.

    Airvac HP Controller Airvac HP Controller - Airvac’s High Performance (HP) Controller has many advantages compared to other manufacturers' controllers including greater water tolerance and less freezing susceptibility. The HP Controller requires minimal maintenance, is inexpensive to rebuild and has a long life.
    Airvac Wireless Monitoring Airvac Wireless Monitoring - Airvac’s Wireless Valve Pit Monitoring System transmits valve pit data and end of line vacuum levels to a SCADA system allowing operating personnel to monitor valve pits in real time. A trend feature tracks the operation of each valve pit and notifies the operator of system imbalances.
    Airvac Vacuum Sewer System Airvac Vacuum Sewer System - Airvac vacuum systems are a cost effective alternative to gravity sewer systems. Vacuum systems are particularly attractive in environmentally sensitive areas and when difficult subsurface conditions exist such as high groundwater table, unstable soils, rock and restricted construction conditions.

  • Poly Processing Company, LLC
    Poly Processing Company, LLC

    The Poly Processing Sulfuric Acid System The Poly Processing Sulfuric Acid System - Through a combination of innovative features, Poly Processing creates the ideal system for sulfuric acid storage. With their robust load tolerance, crosslinked polyethylene tanks can more than handle the chemical’s heavy weight. The molecular bonding of XLPE and tank wall thickness is particul...
    The Poly Processing Hypo System The Poly Processing Hypo System - Poly Processing’s Sodium Hypochlorite Storage Systems are specifically designed for containment of this challenging chemical. By using carbon black, white or gray compound XLPE resin, UV degradation of the chemical can be dramatically reduced. Mastic coatings and insulation are other ways to r...

  • Dwyer Instruments Inc.
    Dwyer Instruments Inc.

    Temperature Temperature - Controllers, Data Loggers, Indicators, Monitors, Sensors, Switches, Thermometers, and Transmitters for Temperature; and Process Controllers.
    Flow Flow - Controllers, Fittings, Indicators, Monitors, Orifice Plates, Sensors, Switches, Totalizers, Transmitters, Water Meters, and Accessories for Flow
    Pressure Pressure - Controllers, Data Loggers, Gages, Manometers, Monitors, Remote Displays, Switches, Transmitters, and Accessories for Pressure

  • Airmaster Aerator, L.L.C.
    Airmaster Aerator, L.L.C.

    The The "NEW" Airmaster Aerator “Turbo X-Treme Magnum” Water Cannon aerator 50 Hp, - The "NEW" Airmaster Aerator “Turbo X-Treme Magnum” Water Cannon aerator 50 Hp, is the most versatile and efficient aerator technologies available. The Water Cannon aerator is Airmaster’s standard high-efficiency, 50 Hp magnum floating/surface aerator (which can pump up to 12.5 mill...

  • Reliant Water Technologies
    Reliant Water Technologies

    Lagoon Master Lagoon Master - Sludge Activating Aerator by Reliant Water Technologies mimics a secondary clarifier in a lagoon or pond. By using moving water to continuously roll along the bottom of the lagoon, the sludge and all bottom sediments, become activated – eventually, completing the digestion of all of the organi...

  • DEL Tank & Filtration Systems
    DEL Tank & Filtration Systems

    Total Clean Systems Total Clean Systems - DEL’S patented Total Clean System is the most valuable component of any dredge dewatering project besides the dredge itself. On most dredging projects the Total Clean System will remove and dewater 60% or more of the dredged material and at a cost much less than any other dewatering method. Th...
    Thickeners/Clarifiers Thickeners/Clarifiers - DEL has designed a versatile and mobile clarifier/thickener to handle the higher flow rates required by many dredging and dewatering projects with a total working capacity of 45,000 gallons. The tank is built in 2 sections, an upper and lower section, for ease of transport. The tank requires only 2...
    Tanks Tanks - DEL, always striving to meet the needs of its customers, has been instrumental in the development of mix tanks. DEL provides mix tanks in sizes that range from 1,000 to 33,000 gallons.
    Slurry Systems Slurry Systems - These systems are commonly used on capping projects to slurry sand or small gravel but have the functionality to work with many different products. DEL can customize these systems to accommodate the cubic yards per hour requirement of your project. These systems can also be equipped with hydraulical...
    Shale Shakers Shale Shakers - The DELineator, 3 and 4 Panel Linear motion shale shakers meet the needs of solids separation in a large number of different industries. To name a few, Drilling, (whether it be used in Oil and Gas as a primary or drying shaker, Water Well, or HDD), Dredging, Mining and Dewatering for waste disposal....
    Scalping Systems Scalping Systems - DEL Scalping Systems are designed to handle flow rates up to 10,000 gpm. The V-Bottom tank along with the shaftless auger will eliminate unwanted downtime of cleaning out the tank when solids have settled out. These systems are available with and without mixers and are offered in many different conf...
    Pumps Pumps - DEL offers electric and diesel centrifugal pump packages with controls with sizes from 2” to 10”.
    Filter Presses Filter Presses - DEL maintains a rental fleet of mobile filter presses We offer a wide assortment of Recessed Chamber Filter Presses ranging in size from 10 cu. ft. to 100 cu. ft. We provide all the additional equipment required for a filter press projects including, pre-coat tanks, mix tanks, shakers, fast fill pum...
    Custom Fabrication Custom Fabrication - The Fabrication Division of DEL provides Turn-Key equipment fabrication from start to finish. A customer's unique concept can be transformed into the finished product by DEL.
    Conveyors Conveyors - DEL’s conveyor rental fleet consist primarily of 30” and 36” wide belt conveyors with lengths ranging from 30’ up to 60’ and includes both horizontal and stacking conveyors. DEL also provides Screw Conveyors and Chain & Drag Conveyors upon request. We have recently...
    Agitators Agitators - EL Agitator/Mixers have been the standard for the mobile mix tank industry since 1985. Our mixers are designed to withstand the rigorous wear and tear of transportation, the extreme environments of the remote jobsites of the oilfield, and the harsh duty of plants and refineries. Our units utilize a...



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