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Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. is an American manufacturer of flow monitoring products ideal for desalination, water and wastewater systems in both municipal and industrial applications. We make vortex shedding and variable area technology monitors providing local rate display, signal transmission and alarm switches as required. Variable area products can be used with all fluids and vortex shedding products are suitable for liquids of ≤ 5 centipoise / 50 Saybolt Universal Seconds. Transmitter protocols include 4-20 mA DC analog, DC digital pulse, HART and Profinet. Flow ranges are available from 0.5 – 5 gallons per hour to 150-1500 gallons per minute in pipe sizes from 1/8” through 8”. Select monitors are also available with integral temperature and/or pressure measurement sensors. Hallmarks of our products are accuracy, repeatability and low maintenance.


  • CoolPoint Vortex Shedding Flowmeters

    CoolPoint vortex shedding flowmeters are designed for monitoring water and coolant flows. Flow ranges from 0.4-4 to 60-600 GPM are available. Pipe sizes are ¼” through 4”. 316 Stainless Steel construction and Kalrez seal options permit use with corrosive liquids. The vortex shedding technology is unaffected by suspended particulates and is more cost-effective than electromagnetic sensing. 4-20 mA, digital pulse and solid-state relay outputs are standard, while intrinsically-safe circuitry for use with an approved barrier in all hazardous location classes, divisions and groups, temperature measurement, Profinet or stand-alone battery operation are optional.

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    CoolPoint Vortex Shedding Flowmeters
  • P420 Vortex Shedding Flow Rate Transmitters

    The P420 vortex shedding flow rate transmitters are designed for monitoring low viscosity corrosive liquids, applications where local display is not required and cost-sensitive installations. Flow ranges from 0.6-6 to 20-200 GPM are available. Pipe sizes are 3/8” through 2”. These products are made with welded all-PVC or all-CPVC construction. Unaffected by suspended particulates, these monitors are among the most inexpensive 4-20 mA 10-30 VDC loop-powered flow rate transmitters available anywhere. Intrinsically-safe circuitry for use with an approved barrier in all hazardous location classes, divisions and groups is optional.

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    P420 Vortex Shedding Flow Rate Transmitt...
  • Variable Area Vane & Piston Flowmeters

    Our most comprehensive product range covering all available flow ranges and pipe sizes, UFM variable area flowmeters are designed to monitor a wide variety of fluids including pump seal water, lubricating oil, flocculants, polymers, pure gases up to 125 PSIG and even saturated steam. Monitors may be calibrated for a maximum liquid viscosity of 600 centipoise / 680 centistokes / 3000 Saybolt Universal Seconds. Temperature capacities up to 400° F and pressure capacities up to 3000 PSIG may be specified. Local display, dry contact switches and/or flow rate transmitters are available for both general and hazardous locations. HART-enabled transmitters provide device address, device status, flow rate, flow total and 2 alarm set-points. Auxiliary dry contact switch options are also available with HART-enabled transmitters. Pressure and/or temperature transmitters are available options on select models.

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    Variable Area Vane & Piston Flowmeters
  • Insite Visual Flow Rate Indicators

    The Insite product range provides easily visible indication of flow rate for water, chemicals diluted to ≤ 5% concentration, compressed air and nitrogen. Indicators may be installed in any orientation. Flow ranges from 0.5-3 GPM through 5-50 GPM and 5-50 through 50-500 SCFM are available. Pipe sizes from ½” through 1-1/2” may be selected. Pressure capacities up to 250 PSIG for liquids and 125 PSIG for gases are available. Maximum temperature capacity is 230° F for liquids and 100° F for gases. 1 or 2 reed switches are available options.

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    Insite Visual Flow Rate Indicators