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Total Piping Solutions, Inc.


Total Piping Solutions, Inc.

Total Piping Solutions, Inc. (TPS) manufactures and distributes innovative pipe tapping, repair and joining products for both the water and industry.

Over the past 15 years, key products have ranged from unique pipe joining methods to revolutionary pipe repair techniques. Today’s growing line-up of products include extended range tapping products including tapping sleeves, line stop fittings and service saddles.

We are committed to manufacturing products that are added in value, made in the USA and provide the user with the highest possible quality in the industry.


  • “NEW” Triple Tap T3 Service Saddle

    The Triple Tap Series T3 Service Saddle is the latest in our series of innovative products that save time, labor and inventory dollars in the water and wastewater piping industries.

    The Series T3 includes many unique advantages including a double range band which allows for a substantial reduction in inventory by over 70%. The Series T3 exceeds all industry standards including AWWA C800.

    The Series T3 is a unique wide range Universal Type 304 Stainless Steel Service Tapping Product that may be used on all types of pipe including: ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, asbestos cement, steel and HDPE. The T3 is equipped with an insulating boot that prevents contact with the pipe and reduces the potential for corrosion when used on ferrous pipe materials. 

    More Information » www.tps.us/new-triple-tap-t3-service-saddle

    “NEW” Triple Tap T3 Service Saddle
  • Triple Tap®

    Total Piping Solutions, Inc. has immediate availability of the all stainless steel, wide range, Triple Tap Tapping sleeve in sizes ranging from 4 to 16 inches in diameter.

    Triple Tap features a number of distinct advantages including a double range body, a triple seal systems suitable to contain a beam break of the pipe, and extra heavy gauge shell materials for pipe reinforcement.

    This product exceeds industry standards ANSI/AWWA C-223 and MSS SP-124-2012.

    All features add up to deliver extra value including ease of installation, major inventory reduction potential and higher performance for longer life.

    More Information » www.tps.us/triple-tap

    Triple Tap®
  • Triple Tap® Line Stop Fitting

    The Triple Tap® Line Stop Fitting is the latest in the series of value-added, high performance, innovative products from Total Piping Solutions. . . all designed to save time, labor and inventory dollars in the water and wastewater piping industries. The Triple Tap Line Stop Fitting is available in sizes 4” through 16” pipe diameters. And, like the Triple Tap Tapping Sleeve, it is designed to withstand the stresses and mechanical forces incurred during the line stopping process. One of the distinct advantages of the Triple Tap Line Stop Fitting is its capacity to accommodate up to a maximum of 0.9 inch of diameter range. 

    More Information » www.tps.us/triple-tap-line-stop-fitting

    Triple Tap® Line Stop Fitting
  • Triple Tap® Mechanical Joint End

    Direct Valve Face to MJ Flange Face Mounting Ensures Perfect Alignment of the Valve. Eliminates Gap between the Valve and the Flange Interface. Pre-Installed MJ Gasket Provides Seal to Rated Pressure.

    More Information » www.tps.us/triple-tap-mechanical-joint-end

    Triple Tap® Mechanical Joint End
  • Compression Fitting Style 6000

    The TPS Style 6000 and 6100 Compression Fittings and Male Adaptors are designed to accommodate 1/2 inch through 2 inch iron pipe sizes. Adaptor gaskets are available to accommodate copper pipe sizing. With a pressure rating of 150 psi, this product is designed for use on steel tubing, and PVC pipe in IPS pipe diameters. All products are cast of ductile iron and are protected from the elements by a bright electro galvanic coating.

    More Information » www.tps.us/compression-fitting-style-6000

    Compression Fitting Style 6000
  • Quick Clamp Style 4000

    The TPS Series 4100 Quick Clamp is available in diameters from 1/2 inch to 6 inch and covers steel tubing and PVC Pipe ins IPS diameters. Band material is 304 stainless steel and lugs are electro-galvanized malleable iron with a dichromate seals. This product has the ability to seal on up to 60% of the pipe surface and is ideally suited for the repair of longitudinal splits and pin-hole leaks.

    More Information » www.tps.us/quick-clamp-style-4000

    Quick Clamp Style 4000


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