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SUEZ Advanced Solutions (Utility Service Co., Inc.) is a fully integrated professional service and contracting firm dedicated to providing sustainable products and services for potable water distribution systems and sewage collection systems. In addition to our signature asset maintenance programs, we supply innovative technologies and smart asset management tools that help municipal and industrial water utilities optimize their operations.

Sustainable Asset Management Solutions
Wells | Tanks | Concrete Assets | Filters | Meters | Distribution Network

Innovative Technologies
Ice pigging | Spray-in-place pipe rehabilitation | Water Mixing Systems | THM Removal Systems | Helium Leak Detection | Distribution System Monitoring | Biosolids Dryer | Biosolids Dewatering Optimization Unit



  • Concrete Assets - Asset Maintenance, Rehabilitation, and Coatings

    Although frequently touted as “maintenance free”, concrete structures do require maintenance. SUEZ provides a   comprehensive Asset Management Program to restore concrete structures to like-new condition and protect them long-term with high performance coatings. Our program includes annual condition assessments, proactive repairs of degraded concrete, and coatings routine maintenance. The program is custom-designed for each specific asset and executed in compliance with OSHA regulations. Our sustainable solution applies to any concrete structure in a water or wastewater system.

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    Concrete Assets - Asset Maintenance, Reh...
  • Tanks - Asset Maintenance, Rehabilitation, and High Performance Coatings

    SUEZ Advanced Solutions is the largest tank service firm in the United States. We created a Tank Asset Management Program over 30 years ago. This unique program bundles in a single contract the rehabilitation and future maintenance of a water tank. It includes annual tank inspections and reports (safety, structure, sanitation, security and coatings), regular cleanings/disinfections and repairs, lifetime coatings warranty, emergency services, and future rehabilitations. This preventative maintenance approach supports GASB 34 compliance. Each contract is designed and executed based on the specific requirements of the customer and the condition of the asset. That means a single point of contact and one call for all your service needs. We can also provide funding solutions to help finance the initial rehabilitation or upgrade if need be.

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    Tanks - Asset Maintenance, Rehabilitatio...
  • Filters - Asset Maintenance and Filter Rehabilitation

    SUEZ can handle all your filter needs from a one-time media cleaning to full filter house rehabilitation and maintenance. Our goal is to restore your filter system to its design specifications and improve the return on your capital investment. After conducting a thorough evaluation of media samples and a comprehensive filter condition assessment - including observation and analysis of filter run times, backwash cycles, related turbidity, bed expansion, sludge retention and equipment condition - our experts recommend an appropriate asset management program. The program can incorporate one or several corrective actions such as: chemical cleaning, filter media replacement, or full filter house rehabilitation –including concrete and steel rehabilitation, underdrains and filter equipment repairs or upgrades.

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    Filters - Asset Maintenance and Filter R...
  • Water Wells - Asset Maintenance, Rehabilitation, and Drilling

    SUEZ comprehensive portfolio of well technologies and services allows utilities and industrial customers to manage groundwater resources more efficiently and sustainably. Our water well solutions include well rehabilitation and maintenance services, hydrogeologic services, well drilling, pump supply and repairs as well as a one-of-a-kind well asset management program. This innovative asset management solution is a sustainable alternative to the traditional run-to-failure approach. Custom-tailored to each specific well, our comprehensive program includes an initial condition assessment of the well followed by a custom-engineered well rehabilitation. The goal is to restore or improve the specific capacity of the well. After the initial rehabilitation, we perform preventative well cleanings; pumps and motors are repaired or replaced as needed. All the services are bundled into one contract offered for a predictable annual fee and the cost of the upfront rehabilitation can be spread ove...
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    Water Wells - Asset Maintenance, Rehabil...
  • Spray-in-place Pipe Rehabilitation

    SUEZ spray-in-place pipe rehabilitation process (SIPP) is an efficient and long-lasting pipe rehabilitation solution that uses a computer-controlled, state-of-the-art robotic application rig to apply an internal epoxy pipe lining in-situ. No road or sidewalk tear-ups are necessary. Once cured, the epoxy lining reinforces the structural strength and seals the pipe, preventing leaks, improving flow capacity, and minimizing future maintenance costs. This trenchless rehabilitation technology works on pipes ranging from 1 ¼ inches to 72 inches in diameter, both vertical and horizontal.

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    Spray-in-place Pipe Rehabilitation
  • Ice Pigging - Pipe Cleaning Technology

    SUEZ is the sole source provider in the U.S. of Ice Pigging, a patented pipe cleaning technology. This highly effective and low risk technology uses a thick ice slurry to clean pipes of different sizes and materials. Ice is pumped into the pipe and forced by pressure to remove sediment and built-up deposits to leave the pipe clear and obstruction free. This quick process requires no excavation and leaves pipe walls undamaged. Ice Pigging is highly efficient for drinking water distribution systems as well as wastewater pipes and pumped sewers.

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    Ice Pigging - Pipe Cleaning Technology
  • Distribution System Maintenance

    SUEZ provides an integrated approach to locate, inspect, operate, repair, rehabilitate and document work activities through data collection and GIS for water system valves and fire hydrants. Our solution improves the operability of the distribution network as well as the utility emergency response time. This preventative approach also mitigates risk against missing or deficient assets and helps optimize repair and replacement programs.

    More Information » www.utilityservice.com/valve_hydrant.html

    Distribution System Maintenance
  • AMI Smart Metering System Implementation with Asset Management

    SUEZ offers the only turnkey solution that includes the initial planning, design and deployment of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system with Smart Meters along with full responsibility for the long-term performance and maintenance of the system. We provide the on-going maintenance of AMI Data Collector Network, Meters, Transmitter, Collectors… and provide the software updates and blackhaul communication support, while guaranteeing the system operation and performance. We are so confident in our Asset Management Solution that the AMI infrastructure (including meters) with SUEZ can be spread over several years and the on-going support provided at a predictable annual cost. Our Asset Management Program puts all of the features, benefits and advantages of an AMI Smart Metering System within reach of any water system, regardless of size

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    AMI Smart Metering System Implementation...
  • In-tank Active Water Mixers

    SUEZ in-tank technologies help maintain the quality of treated water during storage to meet AWWA and EPA regulations. We sell, install and service in-tank water mixers that create a powerful vortex flow inside storage tanks to circulate the entire volume of water from top to bottom. Maintaining a continuous and powerful water circulation reduces nitrification and ice formation in cold climates, and eliminates thermal and chemical stratification even during periods of low demand and increasing water age.

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    In-tank Active Water Mixers
  • SUEZ Trihalomethane Removal Systems

    SUEZ in-tank technologies help remove disinfection byproducts and maintain the quality of treated water during storage to meet AWWA and EPA regulations. SUEZ trihalomethane removal system is a custom-designed, in-tank aeration system which optimizes trihalomethane (THM) removal in potable water tanks and reservoirs to assist with Stage 1 and Stage 2 DBP (Disinfection Byproduct) Rule compliance. We combine multiple aeration technologies - sprayers, aerators, mixers - with proprietary design and performance modeling software to create custom-designed, turnkey aeration systems that are cost and energy-optimized for each tank.

    More Information » www.utilityservice.com/thm_removal.html

    SUEZ Trihalomethane Removal Systems
  • Helium Leak Detection

    SUEZ is the sole source provider in the U.S. of the innovative Helium Leak Detection technology. This safe and proven technology accurately identifies and locates leaks in large and small pipes and in pipes of all materials including metallic, plastic, and concrete. It is designed to provide a solution in situations where acoustic detection doesn't work. This cutting-edge solution, works in high and low pressurized pipelines regardless of flow characteristics or network configuration while keeping the water system live and in service.

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    Helium Leak Detection
  • Distribution System Monitoring - Aquadvanced™

    SUEZ offers Aquadvanced™, an innovative software system that allows water utilities to monitor drinking water networks in real time. Aquadvanced™ collects data from sensors which continuously monitor the hydraulic behavior of the drinking water system and creates a dashboard which allows operators to observe performance indicators (flow, pressure, quality) in real-time to detect abnormal events, prevent crisis and optimize operations. This powerful decision-aid software helps improve the performance of the network while optimizing costs. A specific module helps utilities choose the best times to schedule pumping to take advantage of lower electricity time-of-day and demand tariffs.

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    Distribution System Monitoring - Aquadva...
  • STC Biosolids Dryer

    SUEZ STC Biosolids Dryer is a safe, low temperature (hot water circuit) dryer system that allows reduction of volume from both industrial and urban sludge coming from wastewater treatment plants and several industry processes, thus making it possible to take advantage of a huge range of residual energy. The resulting dried sludge is turned into a highly valued and marketable product (class AEQ product with 90% dry solids content) that can be easily transported, used for agricultural fertilizing applications or as an alternative fuel.

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    STC Biosolids Dryer
  • FlocFormer Dewatering Optimization Unit

    SUEZ FlocFormer is a fully automatic plug-in device that improves sludge management from financial and environmental standpoints. This patent protected technology is applicable to all types of dewatering systems. It improves dry solids percent content of sludge cake and reduces polymer dose for dewatering; reducing total cost of ownership.

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    FlocFormer Dewatering Optimization Unit