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SmartCover Systems

Turning Your Data Into Decisions

SmartCover Systems

SmartCover® Systems™ are completely self-contained, turn-key solutions for monitoring level, flow, rain and tidal data in open channel flows, developed specifically for the water and wastewater industry.

Developed in close collaboration with industry leaders, the SmartCover® system was built to solve industry problems at high value and low burden. Providing completely reliable two-way wireless communications, the patented SmartCover® system provides real-time continuous remote sensing, alarming to a number of devices, an easy-to-use web based interface, and long and short term data collection and analysis. Built to operate at sites that are environmentally difficult, have no power or communications, SmartCover® provides “instant infrastructure” - it can operate virtually anywhere in the world, installs in minutes and is on-line and ready for you immediately.

To learn more about SmartCover® Systems™ visit smartcoversystems.com.




  • Melissa Fischer

    Marketing Coordinator
    SmartCover Systems
    Escondido, California