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Neutralox Inc.

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Neutralox Inc.

NEUTRALOX® has stood for highly efficient, physical-chemical odor control, since 1999. Our technologies are unique and used at places where efficiency and reliability count. The NEUTRALOX® Photoionisation process was developed for the treatment of highly concentrated odors emanating from substances with varying compositions and in varying concentrations. Examples include sewage pumping stations, inlet structures for wastewater treatment plants, sludge handling and treatment units, the food industry, etc. Small footprint, low energy consumption and a reduced requirement for maintenance are among the advantages of the technology.


  • NEUTRALOX® Photoionization at sewage pumping stations

    Sewage pumping stations usually emit odors of varying quality and concentration. Their proximity to neighborhoods demands effective and reliable odor control. The simplicity of the NEUTRALOX® Photoionisation technology, combined with low maintenance requirements, make it a convincing solution for those places where odor control really matters. A small footprint and low energy demand add to the advantages of the technology. The units have considerably low requirements with respect to operation control, and maintenance is usually required only once a year.

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    NEUTRALOX® Photoionization at sewage pu...
  • Missoula, MT

    After receiving numerous complaints about odors from the city and a Corrective Action Order from the County Health Department, officials from the Missoula Wastewater Treatment Plant were pressed to find an effective solution to handle their odors.
    Upon completion of a successful pilot study of the NEUTRALOX® Photoionisation system, the City of Missoula permanently installed Neutralox equipment in order to upgrade the odor control for their wastewater treatment.
    By using NEUTRALOX®Photoionization technology for odor control, the Missoula Wastewater Treatment Plant was able to eliminate more than 99.8 % of odor-causing contaminants previously created during its operations, far-exceeding expectations.

    Missoula, MT
  • Odors from the Treatment of Bio-solids

    While sewage odors are primarily dominated by H2S and other reduced sulfur substances, odors emanating from bio-solids contain ammonia (NH3), volatile organic compounds (VOC) and organic acids. Depending on the process employed (ATAD, liming and drying, etc.), odors may vary considerably. The liming and drying facility in Northern Canada was put into operation in 2016. Because of the very cold winter temperatures, a physical odor treatment method had been the only option. The NEUTRALOX® Photoionisation system handles 18,000 cfm. The conditions of the purified air are continuously monitored by the local environmental agency.

    Odors from the Treatment of Bio-solids
  • Single Source Odor Control

    NEUTRALOX® Photoionisation units are pre-mounted compact units which require only electricity for operation. This enables the installation of rather small units directly at the emission source. This decentralized approach circumvents the need for extensive ductwork and reduces project costs and operation costs by. The small, compact units may be turned ON and OFF as required.

    Single Source Odor Control
  • Small Footprint even for Large Systems

    The compact design of NEUTRALOX® Photoionisation units reduces the space requirements considerably. The 24,000 cfm plant in the photo was installed between the wastewater treatment plant pumping station inlet and the headworks housing without creating a demand for additional space. A reduction in the requirement for ducting, supplies (only electricity) and outdoors placement further reduce the project costs. The odor control plant consists of four units which are connected in parallel. This allows for additional operational flexibility.

    Small Footprint even for Large Systems
  • NEUTRALOX®Photoionisation Test Units

    Analyzing and specifying odors correctly can be a challenge. Running a test for a period of time offers the opportunity to analyzean air-stream for a period of time as well as the experience a new technology performed at a specific source of odors. Our test units are mobile and easy to handle and set up. The customer is free to take samples as required. All data are collected and described in a test report. A successful test enables the specification of the source of an odor as well as the selection of the right NEUTRALOX® technology for treatment.