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Lystek International

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Lystek International

Lystek International is a leading provider of Thermal Hydrolysis Process and service solutions for the sustainable management of biosolids and organics. The multi-purpose, award-winning Lystek THP® system reduces costs, volumes and GHG’s by converting wastewater treatment facilities into resource recovery centers. This is achieved by transforming organic waste streams into value-added products and services, such as the patented LysteMize® process for optimizing digester performance, reducing volumes and increasing biogas production; LysteGro®, a high-value, nutrient-rich biofertilizer and LysteCarb®, an alternative source of carbon for BNR systems.


  • LysteGro® Biofertilizer

    As chemical fertilizer prices steadily increase and alternative sources of valuable organic matter become harder and harder to source, LysteGro biofertilizer provides an economical, sustainable and highly effective alternative to traditional fertilization.

    Leveraging its patented and proven technology, Lystek processes biosolids and other organics into a pathogen free, federally registered, CFIA (Canada) and recognized Class A EQ (U.S.A.) biofertilizer product.


    LysteGro is an organically-based, concentrated, liquid biofertilizer with a full complement of nutrients suitable for a wide range of fertilization requirements.

    More Information » www.lystek.com/solutions/lystegro

    LysteGro® Biofertilizer
  • LysteMize® Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimization

    The cost of biosolids and organics management is the largest single operating cost for most wastewater treatment plants.

    Therefore, in addition to the creation of a saleable, Class A quality, federally registered fertilizer product, the multi-beneficial Lystek system can also be utilized to optimize or “LysteMize” the overall performance of your wastewater treatment plant.

    Deployment in plants with anaerobic digesters results in a significant reduction in output volumes and improved organic utilization rates.

    Leveraging the LysteMize approach for plant optimization will help you reduce your operational costs, while increasing biogas output for green energy and enhancing the value and capacity of your existing plant infrastructure.

    More Information » www.lystek.com/solutions/lystemize-wwt-plant-optim...

    LysteMize® Wastewater Treatment Plant O...
  • LysteCarb®

    LysteCarb® offers enhanced BNR system operations with a safer, more cost effective source of readily available carbon for enhanced biological denitrification and Phosphorus Removal.

    More Information » lystek.com/solutions/bnr-optimization




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News:  Lystek 
  • CWEA 2020 Annual Conference February 12, 2020 2:38pm

    Lystek’s Jim Dunbar will be presenting at the California Water Environment Association (CWEA) Annual Conference March 31th – April 3rd at the Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, CA. If you are attending, please make a point to see Jim’s presentation on April 2nd and say hello. Remember to ask Jim about Lystek and our ... The post CWEA 2020 Annual Conference appeared first on  Lystek.
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  • WEF Biosolids & Residuals 2020 February 12, 2020 2:31pm

    Lystek will be exhibiting at WEF Biosolids and Residuals 2020, come by booth #528,  speak with our team, and learn more about Lystek’s Patented Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP). If you are interested in attending?  Please click here for more information. Conference: March 31- April 3 Exhibition: April 1-2 Location: The Minneapolis Convention Center. The post WEF Biosolids & Residuals 2020 appeared first on  Lystek.
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  • MWEA 2020 Biosolids Conference – Holland February 12, 2020 2:33pm

    Samantha Halloran, Product Manager, and Sarah Mason-Renton, Business Development Manager, will be at this 2-day conference on March 25th – 26th in Holland, Michigan. The conference includes a tour of the Holland Energy Park and Zeeland Farm Services, as well as a dinner reception on Wednesday, March 25th. We are looking forward to seeing you ... The post MWEA 2020 Biosolids Conference – Holland appeared first on  Lystek.
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  • Global Waste Management Symposium 2020 January 31, 2020 10:47am

    Interested in the benefits of digesting food waste at Water Resource Recovery Facilities? Join Lystek’s Jim Dunbar, General Manager of Fairfield OMRC, at the Global Waste Management Symposium. He will be presenting his abstract about “The Benefits of Digesting Food Waste at Water Resource Recovery Facilities” these results are from his study at the Goleta ... The post Global Waste Management Symposium 2020 appeared first on  Lystek.
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  • Lystek-Fairfield Organic Material Recovery Center Adds Another Bay Area Customer for Advanced Biosolids Management September 19, 2019 12:49pm

    Agreement Allows the Vallejo Flood & Wastewater District to Diversify Its Annual Planning Attention: Environmental, agricultural, municipal, recycling & waste management reporters/editors September 19, 2019 – Fairfield, CA/Cambridge, ON – For Immediate Release | As further validation of the market leading biosolids and organics management services being provided to municipal agencies in the San Francisco ... The post Lystek-Fairfield Organic Material Recovery Center Adds Another...
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  • Lystek Commits to the Phosphorus Sustainability Challenge June 27, 2019 10:32am

    Phosphorus (P) is one of the most critical nutrients for crop production. Global rock phosphate reserves are non-renewable and being depleted by the need to extract P for fertilizer production. At the same time, water quality in rivers, lakes and coastal areas are being degraded due to excess P entering waterways. Both water quality and ... The post Lystek Commits to the Phosphorus Sustainability Challenge appeared first on  Lystek.
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