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InfoSense, Inc.

Innovating Acoustic Inspection Technology

InfoSense, Inc.

InfoSense, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, or SL-RAT®, an award-winning acoustic inspection technology used to screen for blockages in small diameter gravity sewers.

Save time. Save water. Save money. Stop cleaning clean pipe and focus collections maintenance resources with the SL-RAT® (Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool). Over 230 utilities around the world are already using our award-winning acoustic technology to screen 6”-18” gravity-fed sewers for blockages.

Results from over 90 million feet of screening show that 65-80% of pipes in the average utility do not need to be cleaned. This allows SL-RAT® users to prioritize cleaning resources to areas that need it the most. Thus reducing overflows and improving cleaning effectiveness. With the capability to assess approximately 2 to 4 miles per day at 1/10th-1/20th the cost of cleaning or CCTV, acoustic inspection can be a great preliminary screening tool that generates substantial cost savings. The highly-portable SL-RAT requires no flow contact and is GPS enabled.

Data can be downloaded, analyzed, visualized and exported using the accompanying cloud-based Sewer Line Data OrGanizer or SL-DOG® software. A standard practice for using acoustic technology can be found in the ASTM Guide (F3220-17, Standard Practice for Prioritizing Sewer Pipe Cleaning Operations by Using Transmissive Acoustic Inspection).


  • InfoSense's Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool

    The Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool or SL-RAT is an award winning and patented diagnostic tool that can economically focus CCTV and cleaning efforts in gravity fed sewers. It provides a real-time blockage assessment in 3 minutes or less with no confined space entry and no contact with the waste flow.

    The SL-RAT uses a transmitter and receiver combined with our Active Acoustic technology to "yell" down one manhole and listen in an adjacent manhole. The technology exploits the fact that water and sound energy flow similarly through the free space above the flow within a pipe. It does this in a highly portable and rugged field-tested package that weighs less than 30 lbs. Operators can be trained in minutes.

    WINNER 2012 WEF Innovative Technology Award. Contact us for a field demonstration. 

    More Information » infosenseinc.com/sl-rat-tm

    InfoSense's Sewer Line Rapid Assessment...