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Hungerford & Terry, Inc.

Manufacturer of Water Treatment Equipment - "Whats in Your Water?"

Hungerford & Terry, Inc.

For more than 100 years, H&T has met the challenge of new regulations with a vast array of water treatment solutions.
H&T advanced water treatment solutions include systems that remove iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, radium, nitrate, sodium, perchlorate, hardness, color, and other contaminants for municipal, industrial, and government facilities worldwide.
Hungerford & Terry, Inc. also designs and manufactures complete demineralizer systems, forced draft and vacuum degasifiers, condensate polishers, and specialized treatment systems.

In the 21st century, H&T continues to improve water treatment solutions through in-house research & development with a focus on economizing operational costs and waste generation.

Through advances in science and technology, H&T is focused on one purpose – to produce pure water, our most precious resource.


  • "Plug & Play" Greensand Plus Systems

    New Hungerford &Terry “Plug & Play” GreensandPlus™
    Systems can provide low-cost, pre-engineered solutions to handle a wide range of water filtration applications...when and where you need them.

    Designed to handle flows from 14 to 2808 gpm, “Plug & Play” Water Filtration Systems are available with one to three tanks, in diameters from 36Ë to 120Ë in 6Ë increments, complete with piping, valves, actuators, instruments, and controls – all mounted on a rugged, durable, skid-mounted frame.

    Simply set in place wherever filtration is needed, hook up water and electrical connections, load & condition media, and the system is operational for: Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide, Arsenic, and Radium Removal.

    More Information » www.hungerfordterry.com/wordpress/files/H&T_Plug_a...

  • "Greensand Plus" Filtration Systems

    Prior to World War II, researchers in the water-treatment field, working with well-known chemical theories of oxidation and reduction, developed the basic technology of manufacturing manganese greensand from the mineral glauconite. This medium found use in the municipal and industrial water-treatment market for the direct oxidation and removal of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide.

    By 1965, Hungerford & Terry had perfected and patented the predecessor to the GreensandPlus Filter—the Ferrosand CR filter process, an oxidant feed prior to filtration that continuously regenerates the catalytic coating on the media. The Catalytic Oxidation process was developed using a special Catalytic Grade of the media. This system operated at higher loading rates and did not require the use of potassium permanganate, the objective being to produce a top-quality filter system that would reliably remove iron&n...
    More Information » www.hungerfordterry.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploa...

  • Nitrate Removal Systems

    H&T has extensive experience in the field of removing nitrate from drinking water. We have built anion exchangers as part of demineralizer systems to treat boiler feed water in power plants since the 1950s.

    Having installed many large demineralizers for some of the largest electric utilities in the country, H&T has a long, established background in ion exchange. Our vast experience has enabled us to develop a thorough and efficient process that conserves the amount of salt used and minimizes the amount of waste produced by a treatment system.

    More Information » www.hungerfordterry.com/wordpress/files/H&T%20Nitr...

    Nitrate Removal Systems
  • Arsenic Removal Systems

    H&T uses co-precipitation followed by filtration as the preferred method for removal of arsenic from drinking water. There are many methods available to remove arsenic including ion exchange, RO and adsorptive processes.

    However, we feel the co-precipitation process is the easiest to operate and most economical. Often, arsenic will be present in combination with iron and/or manganese. When iron and manganese are in the water, it is necessary to remove them first before using RO, ion exchange or an adsorptive process to extract the arsenic. Filtration done with GreensandPlus enables the iron, manganese and arsenic to be removed in one step.

    More Information » www.hungerfordterry.com/products/arsenic-removal

    Arsenic Removal Systems
  • (WAC) "Weak Acid Cation Softening"

    Weak Acid Hardness Reduction Process

    The H&T Weak Acid Cation (WAC) softening process can be used in applications for removal of both iron and hardness in a one-step process, or where softening is needed but an increase in the sodium level cannot be tolerated. Weak Acid Cation resin is extremely efficient and makes excellent use of the regenerant....

    More Information » www.hungerfordterry.com/products/weak-acid-softeni...

  • Industrial Applications - "Condensate Polishers"

    High-Rate, Deep-Bed Polishers for Boiler Protection

    H&T provides two different condensate polisher systems—sodium-cycle polishers for lower-pressure boilers and externally regenerated mixed-bed condensate polishers for high-pressure or super-critical boilers.

    More Information » www.hungerfordterry.com/products/condensate-polish...

    Industrial Applications -
  • Special Pre-treatment for Membranes

    Many facilities incorporate pretreatment equipment, upstream of the RO treatment system.

    More Information » www.hungerfordterry.com/products/pre-treatment

    Special Pre-treatment for Membranes
  • Forced Draft Degasifiers / Vacuum Degasifiers

    H&T uses the packed tower forced draft degasifier design to strip CO2, VOCs and other gases. The towers are circular and of FRP construction. They can be supplied with an integral FRP clearwell or can sit above an existing below-grade clearwell.

    More Information » www.hungerfordterry.com/products/forced-draft-dega...

    Forced Draft Degasifiers / Vacuum Degasi...
  • "GreensandPlus" The next generation of manganese dioxide-coated catalytic filter media.

    H&T developed and patented the continuous regeneration process for iron and manganese removal in 1963. This process used a feed of chlorine and potassium permanganate upstream of a manganese greensand filter to keep the catalytic manganese dioxide coating of the manganese greensand media regenerated.

    Our method became the industry standard for the next 40 years. In 2005, H&T introduced GreensandPlus, the next generation in manganese dioxide–coated catalytic filter media. GreensandPlus has all the same physical properties of manganese greensand, so it can be used interchangeably, but GreensandPlus has many operational advantages over the old media....

    More Information » www.hungerfordterry.com/products/iron-manganese-re...



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