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Filtra Systems Company LLC

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  • "Tested & Proven Bag Filter Housings & Media"

    The Antidote For Filtration Frustrations...

    Filtra-Systems' three decades of experience has led us to design and engineer a number of bag filter housing options for our customers depending on their industry and specific needs.

    Our clients leverage our bag filters for a wide variety of applications, such as:

    • Cooling Tower Water
    • Brewing
    • Injection Water
    • Biodiesel Production
    • Coolant Filtration
    • Remediation Sites
    • RO Protection

    And much much more...

    Not sure what type of filtration you need or you have questions about our bag filter housings?

    Our team of experienced applications engineers would love to review your process to access your needs and make a recommendation... Call us now at (248) 427-9090 or email us now at info@filtrasystems.com

    More Information » www.filtrasystems.com/products/bag-filter-housings

  • "Every manufacture should know about the NEW STiR industrial water filter because it's unmatched among industrial water purification systems."


    Filtra-Systems has been providing industrial manufacturers with the best in water filter technology for over three decades.

    Our patented STiR fluidization technology has been validated in production and mathematically proven to clean 100% of the filter media during each backwash cycle.

    This effectiveness makes the STiR industrial water filter unmatched among industrial water purification systems, especially when compared to older technologies like sand, anthracite, and carbon media filters that do not completely fluidize the media during backwash and are susceptible to media fouling.

    The STiR filter removes 95% to 99% of suspended solids and 90% to 99% of insoluble hydrocarbons, without the use of chemicals.

    Find out more by calling us now at (248) 427-9090 or email us now at info@filtrasystems.com

    More Information » www.filtrasystems.com/products/stir-industrial-wat...

  • "Discover The Advantages Of These Verti-Press Automatic Tower Filter Press"

    Announcing the most progressive optimized dewatering, automatic pressure filter available on the market today—Verti-Press Filters

    A Verti-Press Filter Promises To Increase Your Process Efficiency While Reducing Your Operating Costs

    Guaranteeing you:

    • Highest Purity Products
    • Extremely Dry Cakes
    • Fast Cycles, High Production Rates
    • Single Point Cake Discharge
    • Minimum Moving Parts
    • Durable Dewatering, Filtering, and Cake Washing
    • Increase Production
    • Improved Product Quality
    • Fully Automatic Operation
    • A Simplified Process
    • And Much Much More…

    Because you want to Simplify Your Process, Increase Your Production, Improve Your Product Quality And Reduce Your Energy Consumption Call Now (248) 427-9090 or email us now at info@filtrasystems.com

    More Information » www.filtrasystems.com/products/verti-press-automat...

  • "Manufacturing Titans Tackle Suspended Solids and Hydrocarbon Filtration Problems”

    You want high throughput filtration of oily process water & industrial wastewater, right?

    Filtra-Systems Deep Bed filtration systems guarantee you double the throughput efficiency of conventional deep-bed sand or graded mixed-media filters.

    100's of manufacturer installations, proves these filters may be the most VALUABLE filtration systems available today because:
    • Removes Up To 99.07% Of Suspended Solids & Oils
    • Highest Flow Rate For A Single Unit Filter Vessel
    • Horizontal & Vertical Flow Rates Up To 410,000 Bpd
    • Maximum Filter Media Scrubbing During Backwash Cycle
    • Permanent Crushed Black Walnut Shell Media
    • Leading Innovator of Modern Walnut Shell Filter Technology
    • Field Tested and Proven Reliability.

    …So why haven’t you call Filtra-Systems about their Deep Bed Filter Systems yet? Call Now (248) 427-9090

    More Information » www.filtrasystems.com/products/walnut-shell-media-...

  • “The Secret To Reducing Coolant Consumption, Improving Your Employees Health, Increasing Your Production While Reducing Your Maintenance Costs.”

    These GEN II Coolant Mist Collectors from Filtra-Systems Promise To Greatly Reduce Cooling Fluid Loss While Improving Your Air Quality And Manufacturing Performance...

    A few Advantages:

    Efficiencies up to 99.3%.
    HEPA filter needs changing only every two-years.
    Minimum energy usage.
    Standard & custom sizes to fit all applications.
    Individual machines from 250 - 2,000 CFM capabilities.
    Central machines from 4,000 - 32,000 CFM capabilities.

    You’ll love how Filtra Systems patented first stage “At the Machine” separation removes and returns almost all of the coolant oil mist directly back into the CNC machine.

    See it in action? Call Now (248) 427-9090 or email us now at info@filtrasystems.com

    More Information » www.filtrasystems.com/products/cnc-machine-tool-co...

    “The Secret To Reducing Coolant Consum...
  • “Let Us Help You Get A Complete, Turnkey Liquid And Air Filtration Solution For Your Grinding And Honing CNC Machine Tools.”

    Filtra-Systems' PV-50 is a complete, turnkey liquid and air filtration solution for grinding and honing CNC machine tools. The PV-50 is a vacuum filter that provides coolant or oil at the flow rate, pressure, temperature and clarity that the machine tool requires.

    The standard PV-50 machine tool coolant filter includes:

    • Cost Effective Filtration Section which utilizes either permanent or disposable media prior to discharge
    • Convenient CNC Machine Tool Supply Pumps
    • Remarkable Mist Collector
    • Smart Spindle and Cutting Fluid Chiller
    • Simple PLC Control Panel, to provide the CNC machine tool with a single operator interface

    Manufacturers who installed the PV-50 love the small footprint, integrated design, reliability, and the customization to meet CNC machines specific requirements.

    We can’t wait to hear from you, Call Now, (248) 427-9090 or email us now at info@filtrasystems.com
    More Information » www.filtrasystems.com/products/standalone-machine-...

    “Let Us Help You Get A Complete, Turnk...