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BDP Industries

Manufacturer of Dewatering, Thickening and Compost Equipment

BDP Industries

Custom design and manufacture of filtration equipment and turn-key in vessel compost system. Filtration equipment: belt press, gravity belt thickener, rotary drum concentrator, screw press, mobile dewatering trailer, lime stabilization systems, and restoration of dewatering equipment.


  • DSP Screw Press

    The Model 3012 DSP Screw Press is the ideal choice for the plant with a low wash water requirement and/or the necessity to dewater material that may contain tramp material.

    •Independent pre-thickening with rotary drum thickener (RDT) for enhanced capacity and cake solids.
    •Slot screen design prevents plugging, maximizes capacity.
    •Filtrate recycle significantly improves solids capture.
    •Replaceable flight lowers maintenance costs.
    •Tapered screw design provides ighest cake solids in the industry.
    •Pressure plate is easily adjustable.

    More Information » www.bdpindustries.com/BDP_new/Products/products.ht...

    DSP Screw Press
  • DDP Belt Press (3 Belt Unit)

    The DDP is a high quality, easily maintained belt press designed for the under 1.5 MGD Waste Water Treatment Plant.

    •Independent Gravity Belt
    •Upflow solids feedbox
    •Curved wedge zone that applies pressure to the cake throughout the zone
    •Vertical pressure zone eliminates filtrate pooling/rewetting
    •Entire belt press at operator level. 
    No platforms are required
    •Low energy requirement
    •Very low maintenance requirements
    •Complete stainless steel frame
    •Easy operation with high reliability

    More Information » www.bdpindustries.com/BDP_new/Products/products.ht...

    DDP Belt Press (3 Belt Unit)

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