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Anue Water Technologies, Inc. is the leader in highly-effective and sustainable engineered technologies designed with PLC and full telemetry capabilities for remote programming and control. Patented FOG removal and prevention products and integrated ozone and oxygen generation systems are proven solutions for point source odor and force main corrosion control. ANUE’s environmental approach eliminates costly pump and treat programs than in many cases are hazardous and more expensive to use.

With the aging of America's municipal waste water facilities, ANUE's patented solutions provide safe, non-hazardous, and cost-effective methods for the elimination and prevention of FOG, odor and corrosion. ANUE's systems are used successfully by municipalities across North America as well as several countries worldwide.


  • EP-1100

    Eliminates fat, oil and grease (FOG) from municipal wastewater ‘lift stations’. This FOG can build up until it is several feet thick, causing the corrosion and breaking of pipes, along with the subsequent spillage of Ecoli, and danger to environmental and human health in the community. The EP-1100 breaks through FOG within the lift station , typically in about 2 hours, and eliminates the costs of ongoing vacuuming maintainence.

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  • FORSe 5 Odor and Corrosion System

    Eliminates odor and corrosion through ozone and oxygen treatment of the force main. Eliminates ongoing cost of chemical treatments for net savings starting within 12 – 24 months. Provides environmentally friendly and sustainable solution versus current chemical alternatives.

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    FORSe 5  Odor and Corrosion System
  • EnviroPrep EP-1100A

    The all new EnviroPrep EP-1100A Series are mechanical, wastewater systems for cleaning and conditioning of wastewater in lift stations, keeping them free of fat, oil, grease (FOG) and biological build-up. The system operates by recycling a fractional amount of pump discharge flow back into the well. This automates the clean-out process. Additionally, it elevates Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels and homogenizes fluent quality and characteristics, thus reconditioning the wastewater.

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    EnviroPrep EP-1100A