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Abba Pump Parts & Service

High quality replacement pump parts that cost less and ship quicker

Abba Pump Parts & Service

ABBA Parts & Service is focused strictly on manufacturing replacement parts and complete retrofit pumps for most major North American water and wastewater pump brands, with particular emphasis on the Fairbanks Morse and Allis Chalmers brands. ABBA manufactures a complete range of wastewater pumps from 3” discharge to 30” discharge that are equal to and directly interchangeable (part for part and pump for pump) with virtually all Fairbanks Morse & Allis Chalmers sizes and models. We guarantee our pumps and parts are equal to or better than the O.E.M. for ‘Fit, Form and Function’ and have done so for 30 years with very few warranty claims and zero performance related issues.  All of our designs, standards and specifications are based upon original O.E.M. designs, standards and specifications with improvements or enhancements where possible. All of our products are guaranteed to be direct drop in replacements.