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Singer Valve Inc.

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Singer Valve Inc.

  • 106 / 206-PR-SM Pressure Reducing Control Valve with Integral Back-up

    The 106-PR-SM and 206-PR-SM series control valves are engineered to be used anywhere pressure reducing valve failure is unacceptable. These valves have a second and independent operating system superimposed upon the standard primary system. With the assurance of a back-up system, maintenance schedules may be extended as pressures will continue to be controlled even in the event of failure with the primary system.

    More Information » www.singervalve.com/pressure-reducing-valves/106-2...

    106 / 206-PR-SM Pressure Reducing Contro...
  • SPI-MV Single Point Insertion Flow Metering Valve

    The Singer Model 106-SPI-MV is a Single Point Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter, installed and calibrated in conjunction with a Singer Valve to provide an accurate flow rate that can be utilized with the metering valve as a stand alone option or built into a 106-2SC-PCO pilot system to provide complete flow-based valve control.

    More Information » www.singervalve.com/electronic-control-valves/elec...

    SPI-MV Single Point Insertion Flow Meter...

  • A Guide to Eliminating Pipe Breaks!

    Learn the most important steps to avoid pipe bursts and best practices to eliminate surges This paper for Engineers and Water Professionals, gives practical steps to address the huge problem around the world of pipe bursts. These cost millions of dollars in repairs to infrastructure and also allow valuable water resources to run to waste. More »

    A Guide to Eliminating Pipe Breaks!
  • Control Valve Solutions

    SEE OUR ENTIRE COLLECTION OF CONTROL VALVE SOLUTIONS! Download the Complete Product Catalogue Now in full colour! Download our 294 page detailed technical catalogue for Engineers, Designers and Water Managers More »

    Control Valve Solutions




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