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Nanjing International Water Hub

An International Technology Innovation and Business Center for the Global Water Industry

Nanjing International Water Hub

The Nanjing International Water Hub (NIWH) is an international technology innovation and business center specially designed for the global water industry.

NIWH is designed to facilitate the commercialization of new and emerging water and wastewater management technologies for the Chinese markets, with an aim to assist companies to rapidly bring new technologies and solutions into the market. It is also a business center designed to facilitate non-Chinese companies that are interested in the Chinese market to engage the Chinese industry. The eco-system at NIWH seeks to bring together technology providers and users, industry regulators, accreditors, researchers and investor to promote business and commercial exchange of technologies and ideas in China.

NIWH is located on the Sino Singapore Nanjing Eco Hi-Tech Island (SNEI) in the heart of Nanjing city’s new CBD center. The SNEI development is a joint-venture between Singapore and Chinese investors, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Trade and Information (MTI) of the Singapore Government, the CPC Jiangsu Committee, and the Provincial Government of Jiangsu, China. 

The SNEI and NIWH are projects developed by Sembcorp Industries Ltd.


  • Test-bedding opportunities

    16 test-bed sites in China to support the rapid commercialisation of new technologies and solutions for the Chinese water & wastewater market. These test-bedding platforms can be used to conduct pilot and demo-scale tests on new technologies under real-operating conditions, using actual water and industrial wastewater feed from a wide range of industry sectors such as petrochemical, chemical, energy, micro-electronics, textile, pharmaceutical etc.

    These test-beds can be used to validate a wide range of technologies for industrial and municipal application, such as solutions for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), efficient removal of recalcitrant organics, efficient treatment of wastewater with high Ammonia and low C/N ratio, efficient treatment of high-salinity wastewater, innovative sludge management in wastewater treatment etc.

    Plans are also in place to facilitate test and validation of Smart Water technologies and solutions to reduce non-revenue w...
    More Information » www.niwh.com

    Test-bedding opportunities
  • The Water Technology Innovation Centre

    The Water Technology Innovation Centre at NIWH is a laboratory specifically designed to complement test-bedding activities. The Water Technology Innovation Center is built with multiple laboratory rooms that can be integrated to form several large in-door laboratory halls, catering to experiments that may require large work space. The Center is also equipped to provide analytical services on water and wastewater samples.

    The Center shall be made available to companies at NIWH to undertake R&D activities on emerging water technologies.

    Highly collaborative workspace over 20,000 square meters in Nanjing International Water Hub will be available for research scientists, technologists and academics to conduct knowledge-driven exchanges and form partnerships. The space will be flexoffice equipped with IT facilities both for long and short leases.

    More Information » www.niwh.com

    The Water Technology Innovation Centre
  • Business Services @ NIWH

    A range of business services to facilitate companies to discover and pursue new business opportunities and build a strong business presence in China.

    Services will range from business match-making, industry networking and events, technology sourcing and investment, industry advisory and consultancy services etc.

    More Information » www.niwh.com

    Business Services @ NIWH
  • Modern premium office in a conducive work environment

    The NIWH is designed to foster a conducive and collaborative work environment in a modern high-tech energy efficient building. With over 20,000m2 of premium office space, the building is designed with many open green spaces, roof gardens, restaurants, café and other amenities to make NIWH a conducive working environment.

    More Information » www.niwh.com

    Modern premium office in a conducive wor...
  • Multimedia Auditorium

    A 400-seating capacity multi-media auditorium to host international seminars and conferences. The auditorium is designed with retractable chairs to allow the venue to be converted into an open-space multi-purpose hall.

    More Information » www.niwh.com

    Multimedia Auditorium
  • Technology Exhibition Hall

    A 2,000m2 exhibition hall to showcase the latest technology products and services to local and international trade visitors.

    More Information » www.niwh.com

    Technology Exhibition Hall
  • Meeting Rooms & Flex Office

    Fully equipped meeting rooms to host press conferences and large group meetings, and flex-office for short-term lease.

    More Information » www.niwh.com

    Meeting Rooms & Flex Office
  • Be Connected with the Global Water Industry thru NIWH

    Be connected with global water industry groups thru NIWH.

    NIWH is proud to be working with the following leading industry stakeholders to promote technology innovation and adoption in the international water industry:

    - Public Utilities Board, Singapore’s National Water Agency
    - Water Environment & Reuse Foundation
    - WaterStart
    - The Water & Energy Sustainable Technology (WEST) Center
    - Centre for Water Research, National University of Singapore
    - National Engineering Research Center for Special Separation Membrane, Nanjing Technology University
    - Jiangsu Nanjing University Environmental Protection Co. Ltd.
    - British Water

    More Information » www.niwh.com

    Be Connected with the Global Water Indus...
  • International Events promoted by NIWH

    The Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) is the global platform to share and co-create innovative water solutions. The biennial event gathers stakeholders from the global water industry to share best practices, showcase latest technologies and tap business opportunities. SIWW is part of the strategic programme of the Singapore Government to grow the water industry and develop water technologies.

    As the premier global water event, SIWW 2016 was attended by over 21,000 participants from 125 countries and regions, with over 1,000 participating companies and US$13.5 billion (S$18.7 billion) in business announcements. 
    The 8th Singapore International Water Week will be held in conjunction with the 6th World Cities Summit and the 4th CleanEnviro Summit Singapore, from 8 -12 July 2018 at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

    SembCorp Industries is proud to be a Founding Sponsor of SIWW since its inception in 2008.

    More Information » www.siww.com.sg

    International Events promoted by NIWH
Web Site: www.niwh.com 



  • Daniel Wong

    General Manager
    Nanjing International Water Hub
    Nanjing, Jiangsu