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Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.

Reducing the waste in water & wastewater management since 1967

Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.

  • Automatic Sludge Blanket Level Detector

    Automate your desludge pumping. Rather than pumping at set times, pump when you need to, using this reliable sludge blanket level meter.

    More Information » www.sludgecontrols.com/our-products/automatic-slud...

    Automatic Sludge Blanket Level Detector
  • Suspended Solids Density Meter

    Markland’s Suspended Solids Density Meters use the attenuation of ultrasound to measure the concentration of sludges and slurries that are too thick for optical methods. Markland’s Meters operate in the region between TURBIDITY METERS and NUCLEAR GAUGES.

    More Information » www.sludgecontrols.com/our-products/suspended-soli...

    Suspended Solids Density Meter



  • Scott Langstaff

    General Manager
    Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.
    Georgetown, Ontario