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Kusters Water

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Kusters Water

Kusters Water, a division of Kusters Zima Corporation, is as an industry leader, offering superior product technologies for Clarification, Headworks, Biological, Biosolids and Thickening.

In house fabrication, UL listed controls and product assembly, combined with our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management system, ensures our customers receive the very best service and products.

For more than 30 years the Kusters Water team has been introducing new and innovative technologies to the water and wastewater industry, our diverse product offering enables Kusters Water to provide complete treatment solutions for our customers


  • ProTechtor® Multi-Rake Bar Screen

    The ProTechtor® Multi-Rake Bar Screen utilizes multiple rakes to quickly and efficiently clean the screen face. Ideally suited for Headworks and CSO applications with available bar spacing down to 4mm . All Multi-Rake screens utilize "bolt in" bars for quick and easy maintenance and maintenance free lower sprockets.  

    More Information » kusterszima.com/kusters-water/products/headworks

    ProTechtor® Multi-Rake Bar Screen
  • ProTechtor® Perforated Plate Filter Screen

    The ProTecthor® Perforated Plate Filter Screen eliminates operational disruptions caused by fibrous and other inorganic material. The screen utilizes a series of traveling stainless steel perforated plates that provide much higher capture rates compared to a bar screen. Idealy suited for Headworks applications, the perforations are available down to 3 mm. 

    More Information » kusterszima.com/kusters-water/products/headworks

    ProTechtor® Perforated Plate Filter Scr...
  • Terminodour™ - Odor Control System

    Unlike conventional odor control systems that extract and treat odors, the Terminodour system is unique in that it oxidizes odor at the source by introducing ionozed air into the treament area, and oxidizes the odors in-situ. Ideally suited for H2S, Ammines, Mercaptins, and all organic odors. Low capital costs, low operating costs and no media to replace. Works great in buildings, pump stations and covered tanks.

    More Information » kusterszima.com/kusters-water/products/specialty-i...

    Terminodour™ - Odor Control System
  • Clarification Products

    Kusters Water Clarifiers are commonly used in Primary, Secondary and Final clarification. Standard scraper, spiral scraper, suction pipe and suction header styles are available. A high capacity LA-EDI energy inlet is commonly utilized to address short circuiting issues, particularly under high flow conditions. Contact Kusters for more information on your application.

    More Information » kusterszima.com/kusters-water/products/clarificati...

    Clarification Products
  • Hydraulic Clarifier Drives

    The Kusters Water Hydraulic Clarifier drive system ensures reliable operation and low maintenance . Unlike mechanical drives, the hydraulic overload system provides reliable protection and precise torque monitoring (4-20 mA) for the clarifier / thickener mechanism, and there are never any shear pins to replace. All drives are manufactured in the USA at our ISO 9001 certified factory in Spartanburg, SC. Please contact Kusters for more information on our drive systems.

    More Information » kusterszima.com/kusters-water/products/clarificati...

    Hydraulic Clarifier Drives
  • Zi-Biox® MBR System

     Answering the widespread need for a compact, cost-efficient, customizable, complete front-to-back water treatment system, Kusters Water proudly introduces its Zi-Biox® Membrane Bioreactor (MBR).

    Based on Kusters Water’s proven BIO-CEL® membrane module platform operating in 230+ plants worldwide, Zi-Biox® MBR features a host of timely, market-right attributes:

    • Modular hydraulic design maximizes space efficiency
    • Retrofits into or alongside existing treatment systems and tankage
    • Automated, in-situ clean-in-place (CIP) cuts maintenance time and costs
    • Best-in-class technology for water reuse delivers superior performance
    • Options for additional treatment, flow expansion, sludge storage, and more
    • Experienced technical personnel and remote support
    • Available system, process, and performance guarantees provide peace of mind
    • BIO-CEL® membrane module platform operating i...
    More Information » kusterszima.com/resource-downloads/Zi-Biox_MBR_2pg...

    Zi-Biox® MBR System





  • Jim Weidler

    Vice President of Sales and Marketing
    Kusters Water
    Spartanburg, South Carolina