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HUBER serves the municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment market with custom designed and built liquid-solid separation technology. Offering a complete chain of screening, grit, and sludge-handling process equipment, HUBER is an original source manufacturer specializing in stainless steel fabrication of technologies for water and wastewater. Our proven experience and expertise is displayed in over 40,000 installations worldwide.


  • RakeMax® CF

    The RakeMax® CF maximizes capture rate without sacrificing the ability to remove large debris. By combining the benefits of bar screens with center flow technology, it does this in a minimum amount of space. And, when combined with the optional narrow bar spacing, the RakeMax® CF pushes screenings capture efficiency even higher.

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    RakeMax® CF
  • GritWolf®

    The new HUBER GritWolf® uses an innovative two-chamber design and contact settling to reduce footprint and remove the finest of grit particles, as well as fats and grease. The GritWolf® offers the highest grit removal in the industry, up to 90% of the grit of grain size ≥ 75 µm, with the smallest foot print and at much reduced depths for ease of construction.

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  • Drum Screen Liquid

    The Drum Screen LIQUID (DSL) represent an interesting alternative to primary settling tanks. The DSL performs at or above primary settling tanks in terms of removal rates, but with a much smaller footprint. The DSL also provide better process control during unexpected influent conditions and storm events, providing more reliable operation. Finally, mechanical screening can be undertaken with a lower investment costs relative to primary settling tanks.

    More Information » www.huber-technology.com/products/screens-and-fine...

    Drum Screen Liquid



  • Crista Renouard

    Marketing Manager
    Huber Technology Inc.
    Huntersville, North Carolina

  • Simon Randle

    National Director of Sales
    Huber Technology Inc.
    Huntersville, North Carolina