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Fluidyne Corporation

The Globally Recognized Leader in Wastewater Treatment

Fluidyne Corporation

  • ISAM™ - Integrated Surge Anoxic Mix

    The ISAM™ is a total treatment system incorporating BOD, TSS and nitrogen removal along with sludge reduction in an integrated system. Raw (crude) sewage enters a covered anaerobic reactor for pretreatment, sludge thickening and sludge destruction. Complex organic solids undergo hydrolysis to simpler soluble organics which pass to the surge anoxic mix (SAM™) tank.

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    ISAM™ - Integrated Surge Anoxic Mix
  • SAM™ - Surge Anoxic Mix

    Fluidyne was the first company in the US to promote the SAM™ product. It is at the top of our mainstay reliable products. The newest Fluidyne wastewater treatment systems incorporate a surge/anoxic mix (SAM™) tank to control the process and provide rapid and complete treatment. The Surge Anoxic Mix (SAM™) System integrates anoxic and aerobic processes for energy efficient BOD, TSS and nutrient removal.

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    SAM™ - Surge Anoxic Mix
  • High Efficiency Hydro-Grit™

    Fluidyne’s Hydro-Grit™ grit vortex system removes sand and inorganic material before the wastewater treatment process. Historically one of our most popular and effective products, the high efficiency Hydro-Grit™ offers the same advantages as the standard Hydro-Grit™ with improved grit removal efficiencies. Performance data through the high-efficiency unit has shown 95% removal of all grit 74 micron and larger.

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    High Efficiency Hydro-Grit™
  • Grit Classifier

    The Hydro-Grit™ Classifier is designed for the separation, dewatering and removal of settleable inorganic material typically at the inlet/headworks of a municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plant.

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    Grit Classifier